Sunday, December 3, 2023

‘I am firm and fair’ – BNOC aspiring president Scania

Former Botswana Softball Association president, Tirelo Scania Mokokomani preaches pragmatic shift in order to transform sport.

Mokokomani who is vying for the position of president in the coming Botswana National Olympic Committee Board election is of the view that sport does not need people who will seat in comfort zones while sport is suffering.

He is of the view that the state of sport in the country leaves a lot to be desired.

“I am firm and fair,” the aspiring BNOC leader described himself.

He said sport needs people who are firm and fair like him in order to achieve progress and desired results. Scania as Mokokomani is commonly called within the sport fraternity raised his hand because it is natural to everyone to serve and do good for his country.

“Ï have experience, ready to serve and develop sport. I am skilled leader, passionate and responsible,” he further described himself.

“I served BSA to the best of my ability. I developed softball both athletes, human resource and facilities. I improved the national diamond stadium and it was during my tenure at the helm of softball when night games started at the diamond stadium. Floodlights were erected during my time. And the turf on the ground was put by me and my committee,” he says. He also noted that during his tenure as the BSA leader his association grew. “Rankings of both ladies and men’s team ranked higher than before” he said.

The outspoken Scania said he has experience both as athlete and administrator, hence his willingness to lead BNOC. “I served in international committees where I did well and I think it is now time to serve my own sisters and brothers.

Scania’s aspiration to lead has four pillars. “The first one is development. I aspire to see sport develop holistically. Athletes’ development should be looked into from where they start until they reach elite level. As sport leaders collectively we have to create a conducive environment for development so that the maximum results are achieved. We don’t want sport to continue producing athletes who end up being poor and living a sorry life. Athletes after retiring should live well,” said Scania.

He also says there is need for sporting associations to be well funded so that they can execute their mandate well.

“Funding is insufficient. The affiliates must be given their grants in advance so they can manage their administrative undertaking on time. For instance, money is leaking because of the long procedures of doing things. For instance, if a team books for air tickets for 25 players for P40 000, BNSC will release the money after a month and the cost will be P60 000. This has to stop because we are losing more money on things that do not benefit sport. The money lost could be used in sport for development,” he says.

He also wants to develop sport and human resource. “There is need to transform and position sport as an industry that stakeholders will be willing to partner with. Once elected Scania will also want to create a regional sport hub. World standard facilities must be built and generate money for sport,” he observed.

The result-oriented Scania also aspires to create value for sport. “Leaders must hold themselves to higher standards. We must grow and develop sport leaders. We have to invest in all stakeholders’ sport so that sporting associations can appeal to potential partners,” he says. He said after creating value for sport he will have sport content producers who will compile content and that will be sold to other stakeholders. He said in sport everything must bring money. “We should not see sport being played on televisions for free, radio or social media platforms. Everyone must pay because sport will have developed and content will be bought to be broadcast to a wider audience,” he says.


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