Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I hate sharing

I believe I speak for many people out there when I say that sharing is a drag. I know that is not a very nice thing to say, but there, I said it; I hate sharing.

The fact that I hate sharing does not mean that I am selfish, and neither are you. In a strange way, it is normal if one just does not want to share.

Of course, I can make exceptions to one or two things like sharing food.
I don’t see anything wrong with letting a friend have a bite of my bit; so long as it is not frequently.

I can allow someone to use the same bathroom as I do, so long as it is not the public one.
Please understand, I have to sit on a toilet everyday with the full knowledge that a thousand other people from all walks of life, with god knows what afflictions, sit on the same toiled too.

It is common knowledge that one should not share a tooth brush, soap, a comb, roll on deodorant, and so on.
While on that note, I wonder why society is so lax when it comes to sharing sexual partners.
But anyway, let us leave that topic for another day.

The most annoying thing about sharing is that it does not conform to human nature.
Humans are so different in just about every way imaginable and we all have different ways in which we prefer to do things.

All of us have different sleeping positions and it makes sense that we should want to lie there and sleep in our comfortable different positions without worrying about waking up to find someone’s foot stuffed in our your you-know-what, or someone’s behind rubbing your nose.

Some of us are neat and well groomed, while others are well, not complementary.

Interestingly, with regards to food, some hold the plate close to the chest, others on their laps while some just prefer to keep it on the table.

Imagine sharing a plate with someone who is holding their food just under their stuffed mouth, or eating from a plate held under someone’s bearded chin.

I once shared a house with a friend for two years. As a student, and always looking to save money, I also lived with two other students in a three bed-roomed house.
I must say I will never put myself in the same situation again.

The only things that I shared in that house were the kitchen, living room and bathroom. The annoying thing about sharing is, however much you try to maintain your privacy, some nosy housemate almost always finding a way of invading your space and fooling around with your stuff.
And what of the ones who rearrange your bedroom and trinkets in a neat way that makes it hard for you find any of your things?
Some people are impossible.

Sharing has its pros and cons. Other people condone and tolerate sharing because they have no better options, while others do it even if they have choices.

It’s simple, just say: “No, I won’t eat with you today,” or: “Jake, why not spend the night at your place tonight.”

I know this will be hard for married couples, but they really don’t matter; they forfeited their right to individualism when they said, “I do”.

As a child, I used to share a lot of stuff with my younger sister. We would share a pen and use it interchangeably.

But today things are different, we are grownups.
People, even your sister will walk away with your pen if you don’t demand it back.
Imagine how irritating it is when someone hovers over your shoulder, waiting expectantly for you to hand over your magazine after reading it when you have just bought it.

Sometimes they just go ahead and read from the very page you are reading only to scream you’re your ear, “Don’t turn the page, I haven’t finished that paragraph yet!” In the end, you surrender your magazine, even before you started reading it, and beg your friend to get it back to you soonest because “I haven’t read it yet”.

Maybe I am jealous or self-centered, but I hate sharing.
Someone said that just because there are a few hundred other people sharing your lunacy with you does not make you any saner.

Maybe he was talking about me.
But the fact still remains that I prefer not to share, not my chair, favourite cup or dress. No thank you. Get yours.


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