Monday, September 25, 2023

If you are tongue-tied try ‘em on Speed Dating

For those who feel that their “love clock” is ticking out and are finding it impossible to meet that special someone, speed dating, as unconventional as it is, might just be something to try out. 

Inspired by beautiful stories of lovers finding love in unique and the most unexpected places, Michelle Phetlhe of ESTeRES Management has collaborated with The Test Kitchen to bring Botswana’s first speed dating event on September 19. 

Bringing life to the “love at first sight” sentiment, Phetlhe says they want to introduce a fresh spin to mingling through the event. “We want to give Batswana a different way of meeting and mingling. It’s a great alternative to bars and clubs as it provides a controlled environment for dating to be more sociable and less transactional. Also I have always liked to think outside the box with event concepts, rather set trends than follow,” she says.

She says each person is given eight minutes with 10 prospective dates. “This is a private, closed event and involves the joy of anonymity which makes it very interesting. So only the participants know who else takes part. We take privacy to heart and we want attendees to feel safe and secure,” states Phetlhe.

“First impressions and chemistry are really everything when you are looking for someone special,” Michelle says, noting that they try to curb any chance of ‘false advertising’ from people who come to attend. She adds that the event targets single men and women from the age of 25 and above who are looking to ignite a romantic connection.

Phetlhe says attendees should expect fun, exhilaration, jitters and everything to expect in first love encounters.

“Also, speed dating is not a guarantee, but rather an opportunity to have 10 definite dates and build self confidence in the eight minutes you spend with each person. Finding a match is up to the individuals as is in any normal setting,”

For inquires and bookings, call 71619565 and visit their facebook page – Speed Dating BW.


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