Friday, March 24, 2023

IHennig aims to move beyond diamond broking

IHennig & Co (Pty) Ltd, the international diamond broking company, said it believes that its role goes beyond serving its clients, but also to contribute towards the development of the whole diamond industry.

At a recent stakeholders’ meeting to celebrate 120 years of operation, it was explained that the group helped the establishment of large cutting industries like that of Israel.

“IHennig is on an exciting path that combines all the benefits of the wisdom gained over a hundred years of experience with all the strength created by the energy, drive and stamina of a 20-year-old,” Arik Sela, the group’s Managing Director, said.

“Throughout our history, IHennig has always believed that its role goes beyond serving our clients, and also includes contributions to the development of the whole diamond industry,” Sela added.

IHennig has offices in London, Mumbai, Surat, New York, Tel Aviv, Asia, South Africa, Antwerp and Botswana.

The Botswana office, located at the Diamond Technology Park in Block 8 Industrial in Gaborone, has been in operation for three years and is headed by Tshebetso Kgatlwane who served as Deputy Director in the Public Service before joining IHennig when it was established in the country.

The diamond brokers contributed to the establishment of the Israeli diamond industry and in 1946, its clients were the first Indians to receive a sight in Mumbai.

“Thus we have continued to be pioneers and to contribute to the establishment and development of other important cutting centres, such as New York, Antwerp, Thailand, South Africa and most recently, Namibia and Botswana,” the company said.

IHennig’s traditional role is being a DTC rough brokers, which has remained its core business over the years.

“However, we realised very early on that the dynamic, ever-changing world of diamonds requires the role of the broker to expand to additional areas of expertise, so that we can provide the finest and widest range of services to our core clients, stakeholders as well as to other segments of the diamond pipeline,” the company said.

“Therefore, on the back of our strong global infrastructure IHennig continuously invested in examining the entire diamond pipeline, upstream and down,” it added.

In 2010, the company became a group of companies that are involved in diamond broking, trading, polished tendering, manufacturing, online marketing, research and consulting to all functions along the pipeline ÔÇô from mining companies to diamond and jewellery retailers.

This is move from its traditional role to other activities in the diamond processing.

Sela said he appreciated the support the company has been getting from stakeholders in the last 120 years and their continuous contribution to the development of the world diamond industry.


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