Sunday, December 10, 2023

In fashion, the bold are the beautiful

Fashion, or rather, clothes, have always had a way of capturing the moment, the place and the way one behaves. Fashion or clothes command attention; you can put a label on someone just by looking at the way they are dressed and the way they carry themselves in those clothes.

You hold on tight to your purse, wallet and phones when you see someone coming towards you wearing a dickies suit and slanting to one side when they walk. One who is wearing a tailored suit and is walking straight gets you admiring them without them having to utter a word.

They say money makes the world go round, but I beg to differ and instead think or rather believe that fashion makes the world goes round. It is fashion and fashion trends that dictate whether money goes around and how much of it actually gets to circulate.

Fashion hasn’t really evolved over the years but it has managed to make a serious come back and re-launch itself over the years. I look at my mother’s old photographs and I notice a lot of clothing items that I am wearing today and I have gone through her old clothes a few times to find something ‘vintage’ (as we call them) to wear. It’s the same clothes and same loud colours, just different materials and different era.

The one thing that the fashion world has maintained over the years is its boldness. In fashion, the bold are the beautiful.

Even when playing it safe, you have to be safe in a bold way. Look at the outfits you see on the runway and on the red carpets for all these international and local awards. No sensible person would wear that on a normal day yet people still do and manage to pull it off because the bolder you are the more beautiful.

Fashion is about attitude. If you don’t have the confidence then you probably wont be able to pull off the big sunglasses, the super heels and the now very popular neon coloured lipsticks and nail polishes.

Yes, in fashion the bold are the beautiful.

Just the other day, I was walking in Railpark Mall with a friend when we saw a girl with half of her hair shaved off and the other half was long. She was wearing bright colours and sunglasses with red trimmings and, of course, as a finishing touch, she had multiple piercings…a perfect example of how bold people are when it comes to the way they look. Bold and very brave.

Personally, I would never go for that look, but it seemed to work for her because she had the confidence to go with it.

From local celebrities to international powerhouses, there is nothing subtle about their clothes.
Just pay attention to the outfits our very own Shanty Lo puts on when he performs.

If you want to be a fashion guru, you have to go have your whole look changed – from your hair, your clothes, your walk and your makeup.

It doesn’t have to be outrageous but it has to make a bold statement. Remember the words of Yves St Laurent, style is forever.


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