Friday, July 1, 2022

Indecent exposure

Winter is arguably my favourite season and the main reason that I love it so much is because it’s that one time of the year when I need not constantly be subjected to the dubious fashion senses of some women.

During the months that constitute Autumn, Spring and Summer, our streets are littered with young and old Victoria’s who have very few secrets. However, come winter and there is hardly an impressively dressed female to be seen.

It’s a return to modesty of sorts.

Breasts are behind closed shirts, likewise for midriffs and thong straps a memory distant…
I don’t know about you, but I truly believe that there are a few things as beautiful as a woman who clothes herself in a manner that does not seek to attract improper attention from her male counterparts.

As I sit on the couch, penning this piece, I cannot help but think of that bygone era when, as hard as it is to believe, women keeping their bodies covered was the norm.

Beauty, not sex appeal, was strived for.

Fast forward a hundred years or so and, sadly, this is no longer the case.

Nowadays, this desire to be sexy (whatever that means) has infiltrated most, if not all, areas of society.

Even Church has ceased to be the exception. I kid you not, I have seen sisters (you know who you are) prance into God’s House wearing dresses with slits from here to the high heavens and trousers that stick to every bump and hump.

Whatever happened to not causing ones brother to stumble?

Why do Churches tolerate such idiotic behaviour?

Anyways, back to the issue.

My generation is growing up in a time when a highly sexualised media has, and continues to saturate our lives and minds with, amongst other things, their views of what a woman should look like.
Young, wrinkle-free, light skin, long flowing hair, straight teeth, sans blemishes, size 0, the list is endless.

When it comes to how she should dress, things continue to tumble downhill.

Paging through newspapers and magazines, browsing websites, driving down the road perched on billboards, we are inundated with images of models posing in skimpy underwear, the tiniest shorts you’ll ever see, micro-minis, bare backs or blouses displaying so much cleavage that their seams can be heard begging for mercy.

The messages are clear even to the blind. The more you reveal, the more appealing you are. Cheap is subjective.

Restrained dress is rarely celebrated in pop culture. Fashion experts and those in the know have drummed it into us that being reserved with our bodies is a thing of the past and that there is no shame in showing off what our respective mamas gave us.

This is a very dangerous idea and it is my sincerest hope that guardians out there are making it a point to educate girls under their care that this is nothing but a falsehood.

A woman can be gorgeous without having to resort to exposing herself. I remember once listening to a radio station and hearing a promotional advertisement for an event taking place at a popular club in Gaborone. As the ad was running, something ludicrous was said. I cannot remember it verbatim but the gist of it was that women who got their t-shirts wet would receive free drinks.
Can you believe that?

There is no doubt in me that there was participation in this useless activity.
Ladies, come on, we are so much better than that!

Our assets (no pun intended), as alluring as they are, need not be our calling cards.
I long for a day that I think will never come. A day when women will realise that what we don’t put out there is more attractive than what we do.

Since that isn’t coming, I’ll have to make do with winter.


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