Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Infant allegedly rolls off bed, drowns in bucket of water

In what could be suspected to be a “staged murder”, a two-week-old infant allegedly fell and drowned in a bucket full of water last week while its mother is believed to have been at school.

Information reaching The Telegraph suggests that one of the close relatives, aged 15, took a bucket full of water and placed it next to the bed that the infant was sleeping in.
It is alleged that the 15-year-old then left the bucket and the infant reportedly rolled off the bed and fell into the bucket.

Sources say that after his return, he found that the infant had drowned in the bucket and screamed for help.
Interviewed by The Telegraph this week, the station commander of Gaborone Central police station, Superintendent Ntaya Tshepo, confirmed the incident.

He explained that they were investigating an incident in which an infant allegedly fell into a bucket and died at Maruapula while under the care of three close relatives, aged between 15 and 18.

“Though police investigations are ongoing, we strongly believe foul play because a two-week-old infant cannot roll off the bed by itself,” said Tshepo.

He said if the investigations reveal foul play, criminal charges will be pressed against the suspects.
He said the incident happened while the infant’s mother was at school at the MBA University.

“This is an extra-ordinary case but we do have cases whereby kids fall into swimming pools,” he said.
He appealed to the parents to always make sure that their kids are safe where ever they are.


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