Thursday, December 8, 2022

Interim treasurer accuses top brass of refusing him access to Rollers accounts

The Rollers top brass are reportedly frustrating interim Treasurer Mfolo Mfolo in his attempts to regularize the team’s books of accounts ahead of the imminent annual general meeting (AGM). Mfolo revealed in an interview with Sunday Standard that he has not received much cooperation from Rollers co-Chairpersons, Walter Kgabung and Spencer Mmui as well as financier Jagdish Shah’s accountants. Mfolo said Kgabung and Mmui seemed reluctant to help him with opening bank accounts for Rollers, while Jagdish Shah’s accountant, Ajay Shah was not cooperative as he has never demonstrated willingness to work with him.

By Friday, with the Rollers AGM looming large, the club’s hierarchy was running helter-skelter in a last minute bid to give Mfolo the required financial statements for presentation at the AGM.

“I received an e-mail from Kgabung on Friday morning telling me to go get some financial statements from Ajay Shah to use in my report. I cannot understand how this will help me in preparing reports as I am not privy to the Rollers accounts because they are still controlled by Township Holdings and Ajay Shah,” said Mfolo.

He further said ever since he was appointed the interim Treasurer, he has not had access to the clubs’ finances; neither was he able to open accounts for the team as he was frustrated by the co-Chairpersons as well as Jagdish Shah’s accountant.

“Ajay Shah refused to grant me access to the club’s finances. On the other hand the duo of Kgabung and Mmui has constantly refused to furnish me with information that would facilitate the opening of the society’s accounts,” said Mfolo.

He refuted allegations made by Rollers Public Relations Officer (PRO) Phempheretlhe Pheto that he had failed to carry out his duties, saying he was refused access to Rollers’ finances.

“As a matter of fact, the interim committee resolved on 20th September last year (2015) that we need to open at least three accounts for the society. We agreed to open the three accounts in different banks and both the co-Chairs and myself as the Treasurer were supposed to be signatories. I personally undertook all the processes to open the accounts and even submitted all the required information. I then asked the two co-Chairpersons to furnish me with their details, but they never showed interest,” Mfolo explained.  

Responding to reports that it was only Mmui and not Kgabung who had refused to cooperate, Mfolo revealed that Kgabung only provided his personal details a day before a meeting called by concerned supporters on the 21st of January this year. Even then, he said, Kgabung did not personally deliver the papers.

“I found them stuffed under my office door, apparently by a messenger,” the Rollers interim Treasurer explained.

Five days later, Mfolo said he was contacted by Rollers’ interim President, Dickson Gabanakgosi who wanted to be furnished with all the papers needed to open the club’s accounts.

“I told him that it was a little too late to open the accounts. He then expressed worry that the club was losing money and time. He also asked how we were going to answer for the non- activation of the society’s accounts,” said Mfolo.

Mfolo also said Pheto’s assertion that he had been introduced to Ajay Shah to work with in matters related to club financials was untrue. He explained that Ajay Shah had been hostile and uncooperative from the word go, as he told him openly that he was not willing to work with him. He added that his attempts to consult with Ajay Shah were repeatedly rebuffed.

“Ajay personally told me he is under no obligation to work with me,” said Mfolo.

He further reveled that he informed the interim committee that Ajay Shah was not cooperative during a meeting on the October 7th 2015.

“I was told that Ajay Shah was uncooperative because he did not know me as he was not properly introduced to me. It was then decided that the two co-Chairmen will introduce me to him, but that never happened,” Mfolo said.  

For his part, Pheto said as far as he was aware, both Ajay Shah and Mfolo had a good relationship and had worked well together. He however accused Mfolo of trying to shift the blame as he had abdicated on his duties of balancing the team’s finances.


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