Tuesday, April 23, 2024

International experts lined up for Botswana 200 Business Assembly

The upcoming Botswana 200 Business Assembly is expected to feature an international line up of business and subject experts in many sectors of the economy.

The Business assembly facilitated by the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), will focus on tourism, mining, insurance, finance agriculture and the role of technology.

International thought leaders and experts are also expected to focus on the critical issues of money, technology, service and productivity across the key sectors.

BOCCIM President, Lekwalo Mosienyane, said the inaugural event has deliberately chosen and placed Botswana at the centre of drive to unlock the “200 market” of Southern Africa – that includes Botswana and 14 other countries.

Mosienyane pointed out that business leaders, decision makers, influencers, policy makers and investors from Mining, Finance, Insurance, Agriculture, Travel and Tourism, Technology and general business are expected to attend the event.

“At BOCCIM, whatever part we play we feel is a fair exchange of value that translates into benefit for our members and the country,” said Mosienyane.

He also explained that what the country does with the assets becomes critical. They turn to sectors such as mining because they already have an upper hand given that now is the time to develop the downstream diamond industry.

He pointed out that the financial services, including finance and insurance, are capable of becoming a hub. Mosienyane said there is need to focus on Agriculture because of the opportunity now offered by technology and processing as well as tourism because of the reputation and immense growth potential.

“The Botswana 200 Business Assembly presents a platform for businesses looking to access new market opportunities, develop new business ideas as well as access capital for their businesses or projects, and these should be a part of the experience,” said Mosienyane.

He observed that in order to grow, Botswana will need to engage a number of different tactics to collaborate in new ways and look for and at opportunities wherever they are. That means inside and beyond Botswana.

Mosienyane stated that conversations with industry leaders will no doubt be a factor as these will give them perspective and direction and added that the Botswana 200 Business Assembly which is taking place on October 29 in Gaborone is one such platform and enabler. He said it also resonates with BOCCIM’s mandate as the voice of business.

BOCCIM Chief Executive Officer, Maria Machailo-Ellis, echoed Mosienyane’s words that there is space for everyone in the Botswana 200 Business Assembly.

She pointed out that while it is such an appropriate platform to market and showcase the country, it is a real opportunity for the business sector, hence BOCCIM’s proactive involvement.

“This event sets the platform for continuous engagement via different mediums. These, together with our BOCCIM events, should keep conversations and interaction productively high going forward,” said Machailo-Ellis.

She pointed out that their role as BOCCIM is to influence policies so government creates an enabling environment, and as a matter of fact the Botswana 200 Business Assembly is happening here because of the business friendliness of Botswana.

“There are unique insights, networks and opportunities accessible through this event, which may not be found elsewhere. People travel far and wide to access such value, yet we are delivering it almost to the doorstep,” said Machailo-Ellis.

The Botswana 200 Business Assembly is the brainchild of african.iam. Out of the 15 countries in the 200 Market Botswana was chosen to be the global stage for this regional event.


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