Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Interpol arrest Ugandan fraud fugitives

Four Ugandan nationals who fled Botswana after being granted bail by the Extension II Magistrate Court have been arrested by Interpol in Namibia.

The State alleges that the men claimed to be traditional doctors and in the process swindled scores of Batswana of more than half a million pula.

The four were part of the five accused persons who were charged for obtaining money by false pretence from people under the pretext that they were traditional doctors.

The Botswana Police spokeperson, Dipheko Motube, revealed to The Telegraph that the four were arrested this year in Namibia after they absconded court sessions in Botswana.

The four are alleged to have extorted money and property worth P700 000 from people around Gaborone. Motube stated that many fell prey to these impostors who claimed they could bestow luck.

He said that they are still working with Namibian authorities to extradite the accused persons.

He explained that the extradition of the four has taken long because the Namibian authorities were still verifying the documents that they have since provided them with.

“We won’t have any problem with Namibia extraditing the four since we have extradition treaties with Namibia. The reason why it is taking long is because they required extra documentation. ┬áIt involves a lot of departments to try and check whether the four could be extradited back to Botswana,” said Motube.

The men were part of the bogus healers who were extorting money from people after promising them that they would do miracles that would enrich them.

The fake sorcerers deceived people to donate their cars, electronic gadgets and household utensils.
According to the Extension II magistrate, Joy Brown, the four fled after students and hairdressers signed as their sureties.

Though the four fled, the state has managed to confiscate three vehicles believed to have been proceeds of the scam.

 The four accused, Abbey Mubiru, Abbassi Kayango, Mark Bale and Kimuri Mubaraka, were arrested last year with two others for obtaining money by false pretence from people around Gaborone by falsely pretending that their gods would increase their money.


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