Wednesday, March 22, 2023

INTERPOL requests Batswana to be investigated for child pornography

Botswana Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa says the circulation of pornography by Batswana on social media is on the rise. Mbulawa stated in an interview that they have received a request from INTERPOL about individual Batswana involved in circulation of child pornography.

He stated that INTERPOL has listed an increasing number of Batswana and those residing in Botswana who are involved in circulation of pornographic materials.

Mbulawa said that INTERPOL has already requested the names of such individuals where Botswana Police carried out investigations which established that indeed they were Batswana.

Mbulawa stated in an interview that the pornographic materials were not shot in Botswana.

Mbulawa warned that it was against the law to circulate pornographic material as this could result in those individuals being denied to visit other countries as a result of circulating pornographic materials.

He said that they have confronted a number of people who were circulating such materials but they claimed ignorance, stating they were not aware that they were committing offences.

Mbulawa stated that they have not arrested or charged anyone yet in relation to these offences.
Mbulawa stated that Batswana should be cautious whenever they post videos and pictures as they could be deemed as an offence according to the cybercrime laws.


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