Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Introducing SLIQ-STA

Sliq-Sta needs no introduction. This talented rap/hip-hop artist is definitely on track, and it looks like he is headed for greater heights. From being runner up in the Sprite Rap Activity Jam to winning the National Youth Expo in 2005, the qualified computer technician, who is currently studying Multimedia, is finally on the road to superstardom with endorsements from All Kasi flooding in. He talked to Ale-esi Makgekgenene about his phenomenal success and his long awaited album, The Sliq-Sta LP

AM: How do you do Sliq?
SS: I’m fine. I have just been a little busy with a lot of commitments lately.
AM: Who is Sliq-Sta? Please give a detailed description about yourself.
SS: I’m a 23-year-old rap artist who was born in Francistown but raised in Gaborone. I study Multimedia at Limkokwing University, majoring in 3D Modelling and Animation.

AM: What has Sliq been up to lately?
SS: I rap, so I have just released an album on the 23rd of November entitled the ‘Sliq-Sta LP,’ which is on the same day as my birthday.

AM: When did you start, any experiences?
SS: I have worked in many different studios before, so I have so many unreleased tracks, including an album titled Nyoralised. Though I have been listening to hip-hop since the days of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album, I started rapping since 1999

AM: What is your new album all about? How was the experience and how long did it take you to come up with the record?
SS: This is a self titled debut album. I named it the LP because it is quality music. The whole album was done by Bally and Obizzy at Heaven Sent Productions. It features Sleaze Ball, Hmable Hardman and Samba T of Leloko la Lekoko fame with HHP. All Kasi helped me to get where I am today and it took me almost a year to come up with my album.

AM: What is your favourite track on the album?

SS: My favorite track on the album definitely has to be ‘Hope Back,’ which is dedicated to all aspiring artists.
AM: So what achievements do you have in your career so far?

SS: I was the second runner up for the Sprite Rap Activity Jam, and I won 1st place at the National Youth Expo. Academically I have a diploma in Networking.

AM: Why did you choose rap and what do you have in the near future for people to look forward to?

I want to make my album launch a success. As a songwriter, I have teamed up with All Kasi on my track ‘Mollo’ featuring Samba T, which has been endorsed as the theme song for their new range of sneakers called the Streetburners. I’m also yet to perform on the 1st of January at Lobatse on All Kasi Day.


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