Monday, May 20, 2024

Intruders hack pastors’ son to death

Police have launched a manhunt after intruders attacked and injured a Nigerian pastor and hacked his son to death with a machete.

Information passed to The Telegraph suggests that Open Baptist Church pastor was attacked by unknown intruders at his house at the Village in Gaborone.

It is understood that the intruders broke into the house and were heard by the pastor who went to establish who the intruders could be. Commotion ensued as the intruders attempted to overpower the pastor.

During that fight, his son heard suspicious screaming and woke up and went to his father’s rescue.

It is understood that the son tried to assist his father to fight the intruders but unfortunately he was hit with a machete.

Acting station commander of Gaborone Central Police Station assistant superintendent Keoagile Tau said they are investigating a case in which a pastor was attacked while his son was murdered during the attack.

He said the pastor is in a stable condition while his son was certified dead on arrival at Princess Marina hospital.

He indicated that a post-mortem will be conducted that will determine what could have led to his death.

He said although investigations are still at the early stage, they have not yet made any breakthrough as the suspects are still at large.

He said the investigations will establish the motive behind the attack that led to a loss of life.  

“I am not in a position to preempt the outcome of the investigations,” he said.

He rubbished allegations that pastors in his policing area are being targeted as this in the second incident within a short space of time.

Tau said that in the first incident a female pastor Evangelist Lutheran church in Extension 12 in Gaborone Central was attacked and stabbed inside church by his boyfriend who allegedly committed suicide soon after. The pastor survived.

┬áIn the latest incident, the intruders just attacked the pastor inside his house and killed his son. “Therefore these two cases are not similar.”

He urged the general public to come forth with information that will assist to trace the whereabouts of the alleged suspects.   
Church Spokesperson Mavis Botlhale declined to comment.

“I am sorry the church is not in a position to discuss the issue with the media.”


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