Thursday, May 23, 2024

IPHC rocked by infighting

Consumed by lust for money and power, the International Pentecost Holiness Church (IPHC) members are moving away from tenets of faith and religion that have held the church together. Infighting threatens to break the once thriving church.

The passing away of the church’s comforter, Glayton Modise on the 2nd of February has caused divisions among church members over who shall occupy the position of the comforter. Glayton Modise was the son of Frederick Modise, the found of the church who died in 1998.

Last week one of the Church priests in Botswana Thatayaone Baipusi filed a counter application following an application brought against him by the Church Executive Committee on 11 August. The purpose of the Executive Committee application was to interdict Baipusi and Tshepiso Modise (Tshepiso Modise is the brother to Glayton Modise who claims to have been appointed the comforter) from transacting from the church’s financial accounts.

The comforter is the only signatory to the church’s banking accounts in all the countries it is present. 

Baipusi’s contention in his new application is that the Executive Committee’s move to interdict him and Tshepiso Modise from transacting from the church accounts is not properly constituted. He says the Church’s resolution and power of attorney are invalid because IPHC in Botswana does not have any properly constituted Executive Committee as purported in the church’s resolution.

He argues that there was never a meeting convened with a view of electing Executive Committee of the IPHC, the Botswana Chapter.

Baipusi wants the meeting of 15 May 2016 which elected the church’s Executive Committee in Botswana to be declared unconstitutional.

 “The decision to do so [elect committee] is simply unconstitutional, invalid and null and void from the very beginning; such working committee cannot make any valid decisions. To further show that this is indeed not an Executive Committee, the minutes of May 2016 meeting shows that instead of 10 members, the purported committee comprises of only nine members, of these nine only one is not a member of the Church Council defeating the requirements of the constitution,” he argued.

He says the resolution of 9 August purportedly of the IPHC’s Executive Committee instituting a main application to interdict him is nullity for there is no executive committee as alleged

On Friday High Court Judge Motswagole ordered that both Baipusi and the IPHC executive Committee of Botswana should not operate the church’s financial accounts until such time there is appointed comforter for the IPHC.

IPHC is represented by Advocate Sidney Pilane while Baipusi is represented by attorney Tshiamo Rantao.


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