Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Is BCP another wolf in a sheep’s skin?

Dear Editor

When the BCP bust away from the redundant BNF some 10 years ago, the nation was hoodwinked into believing that it was a ‘party of and for the future.’ But just in a few years, the true colours of the BCP have started showing. It is a party that was formed out of frustration and self-seeking feelings. It was never the intension of the faction that formed the BCP to start a new party in the first place. It was only when their ‘El-negro’ political brother spat them out that they hurriedly regrouped and formed BNF’s kid brother, in the process photocopying the BNF constitution, its stale policies of leftism as well as empty demagoguery.

The BCP leadership and, especially the president and his vice, come about as manipulative crowd pleasers, hell bent on spreading falsehoods about S.K.I. Khama and some recent excellent initiatives of his government. They have found solace in making everybody who supports him feel outdated and labelling them ‘malope’. They forget that they too have puppets in their own parties. One just wonders what it is that these BCP people are looking for. One moment they will claim to be speaking for a welfare state and when reforms that are inclined towards a welfare state are introduced, they turn around and criticise such reforms. They just need to be reminded that ‘’you can not criticise the farmer with a full mouth!”

As the people of Botswana, we must be alert to such wolves in sheep’s skins. They pretend to represent a better dispensation of governance, but they come about as people who do not know exactly what they wish to do with government if they win. In fact, the way they reason sometimes leaves a lot to be desired on their ability to run the affairs of the state. They have a very amusing tendency of always criticising even before they could fully understand government’s position. Even when before Khama could settle in his position, both the BCP president and his son, Dumelang, were all over the moon casting aspersions on the man’s ability to govern, given his military background.

I think they need to be reminded that people like Thabo Mbeki, Sam Nujoma, and the late Samora Moses Machel also have had military training, but that did not necessarily make them dictators. Some of them are trained guerrilla fighters. On the flipside, the world has witnessed many dictators who did not necessarily have military background. In Iraq for instance, Saddam Hussein a trained lawyer, was an outright authoritarian despite his lack of military training. Zimbabwe has experienced the worst dictatorship under a man with several educational degrees (of course he did military training but ‘‘he is supposed to be civilised” since he has degrees, that is if we follow BCP/BNF logic). Even the BNF is collapsing under the weight of a man with a Law degree. So open your eyes widely guys! Educational degrees do not necessarily make a man. You can confirm that from Dr. Koma’s grave!

Yours truly,
Moruntshi Q.K.J.


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