Monday, January 24, 2022

Is FUB paying the price for prostituting itself for political expediency?

There is a school of thought among detractors that ahead of last season’s contentious BFA elective General Assembly, FUB, like a prostitute selling its wares, pranced half-naked on the football highway looking for a consumer of its services.

With a multitude of footballers behind it, FUB knew that it was a salivating prospect for whoever was willing to bid the highest for its services.

And as expected, those seeking to have a 4-year moment of pleasure in the BFA NEC boardroom cast lustful glances at the FUB and sought for its services.

In the end, it was the Maclean Letshwiti led group which bid the highest to get the services of the besotted FUB.

Now as the flames of the pre-election night of passion die down and the coals turn to ashes, the FUB finds itself in a cold place.

With nowhere to report its client for unpaid services and the starving footballers waiting for mother FUB to bring home food, the union is now hitting back at the BFA.

The signs of the fading flames started at the beginning of the month of love this year when FUB Secretary General Kgosana Masaseng openly declared there was a leadership vacuum at the association.

In highly charged interviews, Masaseng, has all but accused the BFA leadership of reneging on pre-election promises.

Of recent, FUB has also been sending cryptic messages through its social media platforms and media interviews.

Speaking in an interview, one of the campaigners said the FUB had openly supported the current regime and is reaping what it had sown.

“We all know that they had nocturnal meetings with the current regime and they openly flirted with them,” the administrator says.

Commenting on condition of anonymity, the administrator says if that was not the case, FUB would have not openly went on tour with the BFA president ‘to donate for players’ while fully aware the latter was on a campaign trail.

“FUB was campaigning for the current regime left right and centre,” one administrator, who also contested the elections says.

“If they did not campaign, why did their representative in one of the last interviews say they had elected people into office and they have now disappeared because they got what they want?” the administrator asks rhetorically.

“They actively campaigned for the current regime. They are only crying now because they did not get what they have been promised,” he adds.

The administrator goes on to allege that ahead of the elections, one of the FUB leaders openly stated in interviews that the current BFA president deserved a second term in office.

Commenting on the matter, Masaseng says there is no truth in the allegations that they were campaigning for the current regime.

He says as the FUB, they already had programmes to help some former players as part of their 10-year anniversary.

The FUB Secretary General went on to explain that as a union interested in players’ welfare, they worked with the BFA as it had interest in the same course.

“And the BFA has already made a commitment to give FUB some monies from the COVID relief funds to help us start a player’s welfare fund, which is what we want,” Masaseng says.

On their ongoing tit-for-tat with the BFA, he says ‘the FUB owes no one anything and will openly call out anyone if it feels they are not doing things right.’ 


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