Sunday, June 23, 2024

Is it D├®j├á vu all over again for GU?

Gaborone United (GU) Chairman Boitumelo Nsunge has rubbished reports that the club is facing another lawsuit for not paying a former player.

Early this week, rumours started circulating that GU’s former Zambian player Jefferry Sikapite had written a letter of demand to the embattled club asking for his dues.

The arrival of the alleged ‘letter of demand’ comes in the wake of the club paying another former player Bismack Appiah more than P400 000 after some coercion from football world governing body FIFA.

In a letter which is dated 17 August 2017 and allegedly signed by a certain Nsabila Mutale on his behalf, Sikapite is demanding a total of P172 000 in unpaid dues from the club.

In the letter, Sikapite’s representative acknowledges that his client’s contract ‘was terminated on the 18th of January 2018 on mutual agreement on the grounds that the employee had not played enough matches to warrant further stay as per technical team report and also that the employee had compelling offers here in Zambia.’

“I am also instructed that my client’s basic pay was P12 000 and that you have neglected to pay him P48 000 for the 4 months he worked for you,” so reads the letter which has been leaked to Sunday Standard.

In the said letter, Sikapite alleges he was entitled to a signing fee of P15 000 and also another P15 000 ‘upon completion of the first six months as stipulated in the contract per clause no.4.’

“I am further instructed that the contract stipulated that if the contract is terminated mutually, the employee is entitled to two months basic pay amounting to P24 000 and compensation upon which both the employee and employer should agree however my client asks for P70 000 for compensation,” the letter reads.

According to the instructions the total amount due to our client aforesaid is in the sum of P172 000 of which we have instructions to demand as we now do.

“Unless therefore we receive the total sum of P172 000 to be paid within the 14 days to my client aforesaid, we shall commence legal proceedings against you forthwith without further warning or delay,” so reads the letter.

Commenting on the matter, Nsunge said the club has not received any letter of demand from the said player.

The GU chairman said as far as they are concerned, the letter is just a ruse, either to tarnish the name of the club or just an attempt to try milk some monies from the club by unknown people.

Nsunge said while Sikapite is a former employee of the club, they parted ways amicably and the player had at no time made it known to them that he is owed monies.

With the club still rattled by the Appiah case, Nsunge said should the matter arrive before them, they will deal with it. He however said the Appiah case repercussions will not force them to succumb to all demands without establishing their authenticity first.


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