Saturday, May 28, 2022


I am a pure Kalanga, born and breed in Tshesebe, north-eastern Botswana. One thing I can testify to is that during the 80s, when I was in primary school, up to the end of the 20th century, I understood that mixing yellow and green, blue and red, orange and yellow, a comment like “o apere sekalaka “ (roughly translating to: you are dressed like a kalanga) would be passed.

I look back and say wao!!! We Kanangas have not only been exceptionally gifted with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ), but to rebirth fashion, which had remained stagnant and obscured for centuries.

I just got a shock of my life when this fashion really hit the 20st century, but now in a plagiarized way.

Oh, they changed its name; they are now calling it colour blocking. I said, what? This is plagiarism at its best we inverted this combination and why a different terminology to our prestigious fashion, which now seems to rock the world.

These mark the highlights of the major trends in the development of fashion from the classical period to the present time. In the history of fashion, the period which best describes the era of colour blocking is the renaissance, which is basically described as the rebirth or rediscovery of culture, knowledge and learning which might have been static and hidden for centuries.

The renaissance served as a sign to the gradual return to ancient ideas. This has important consequence in the history of fashion as this marked the subsequent combination, interpretation of mixing colours and the distribution of ideas contained in those colours.

Of particular significance is the invention of Goggle chrome and Google, which made the dissemination of ideas, cheap and worldwide, using all colour combinations which are said to be a mismatch.

A rainbow nation is another typical example which gave rise to the emergence of a questioning spirit. People stopped the idea of accepting dogmas that certain colours being meant to match and demonstrated that as an unproven fact. This foundation has been laid down well by our predecessors the Kanangas.

We really need an award for our idea (Kalanga blocking) which is basically the rebirth of an old idea to look like a new idea (colour blocking).

Look back in your culture and some practices in your tribe as an individual and see what people got from you and have named it differently and take it up like me like I have done.


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