Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Is Ntuane’s gesture self-serving?

Vice President and also Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) chairman Mokgweetsi Masisi is likely to retain his position as the party chairman unopposed if his faction and that of Minister of Infrastructure Science and Technology Nonofo Molefhi both agree on a compromise.

The compromise that is currently being debated within the party is that the Party Secretary General Botsalo Ntuane has tabled a compromise idea not to defend his position.

But there are some who reads self-seeking antics in Ntuane’s tactics.

They say he is trying to make himself relevant after losing a political contest against his nemesis, Vice President Masisi.

Ntuane’s compromise idea goes further to say, Molefhi should be allowed to become the party chairman immediately after Vice President Masisi ascends to the Presidency position. This compromise idea is being discussed informally by Ntuane and some party elders, it has no official status. Botsalo Ntuane has not yet communicated his compromise idea officially to the party leadership.

However Ntuane confirmed that he is willing to compromise his position as the party secretary general to pave way for Molefhi if his compromise idea passes.

“We will see how far it goes,” said Ntuane. It is not clear what Ntuane’s intentions are.

He told this publication that he intends not to contest for any central committee position if his compromise idea passes.

 Ntuane’s compromise idea further affects aspirants’ candidates who have already shown interest in contesting for the position of Secretary General. It further affects those who are still willing to place their names in a bid to contest for the position. So far, those who have shown interest to contest for the position include Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Health also Member of Parliament for Shoshong constituency Philip Makgalemele. Jacob Nkate has also shown interest but at the time he put his name he was expected to represent camp Masisi. He was dropped a week later.

After Nkate was dropped from camp Masisi the name of former BDP secretary General Mpho Balopi cropped as the potential replacement.

It should be noted that Balopi has already shown interest and put his name for the position of the party’s Deputy Treasurer.

Ntuane’s compromise idea comes weeks after the party National Council where President Ian Khama implored party leaders who are vying for central committee elections to find a common ground between aspirants to avoid further divisions within the party.

“In line with the principle of consensus, the expressions of interest filed do also assist the party in exploring the possibility of finding common ground between aspirants. “We are at a delicate stage and can little afford damaging divisions in the membership ranks given the crucial 2019 elections,” said Khama at the National council.


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