Sunday, June 23, 2024

Is Taylor living on borrowed time?

Word doing rounds is that Botswana Football Association General (BFA) General Secretary Gobaone Taylor is living on borrowed time. Sources within the Lekidi corridors say the history making CEO will never see out her contract with the BFA.

Taylor, who was expected to lead the association’s long touted restructuring process will allegedly be the next high profile figure out of Lekidi’s revolving doors, making her another casualty of the never ending BFA CEO axing sagas. The association is notorious for kicking out its Secretary Generals before they complete contracts.

If the General Secretary does indeed leave her post, she will be following two other high-profile personalities out of the association. The other two are Competitions Manager Setete Phuthego and Financial Manager Thabiso Kebotsamang. The duo’s contracts were not renewed when they expired at the end of this month.

While the plans to fire the CEO are afoot, allegations are rife that the plans have divided the BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) as some are against firing the Secretary General who has barely spent six months in her position. Sources point to the fact that there is an influential business man who is behind the plan to fire the General Secretary.
The rumours suggest that Taylor was not among the top listed individuals but some within the BFA were surprised by her appointment. The preferred candidate was the former BPL Chief Executive Officer, Bennett Mamelodi. Those who were against him are those who felt that Mamelodi in the past sued BFA for unfair dismissal.

The BFA during the suspension of sport activities attracted controversy. The leadership was accused of failing to advocate for football to return to the grounds which led to friendship ending. Taylor suspended some staff members reasoning that there was nothing they are doing because of suspension of sport. Their salaries were cut.

Aggrieved by the decision, the affected employees then approached the labour office seeking their suspension to be reviewed. The case was then sent to the Industrial Court which then ruled in favour of the employees. In its judgment, the court ruled that the BFA should continue to pay the aggrieved employees their full salaries while still ‘working from home.’
Still at Lekidi, allegations are that more employees will follow Taylor out of the association. It is said a few of the BFA employees were hired without following employment procedures. This was even detected by Botswana National Sport Commission audit. The audit found that some positions were not advertised and some roles were not specific as to what the employees were mandated to do.


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