Friday, July 19, 2024

ITEX aims to help boost ICT productivity in business

The 2010 ITEX/ICT exhibition and conference that will be held under the theme ‘Enabled innovation and productivity; key to business survival in the new decade and beyond’, is geared to lift productivity in the business circles through the use of ICT.

Nyaladzi Kutjwe, Marketing and Communications Manager of Fairgrounds Holdings told The Telegraph that “ITEX 2010 has been set to create a platform for organisations to learn about ICT solutions that improve innovation and productivity.”

“ITEX 2010 is prudently crafted for exhibitors to showcase the latest technologies in the area of business solutions, telecommunications, communication and consumer electronics,” said Kutjwe.

“ITEX 2010 will see the running of current ICT issues like social media, cloud computing and security, featuring well known experts and speakers in various sectors.”

She added that the ITEX 2010 conference and exhibition will provide unprecedented opportunity for professionals and stakeholders to benchmark, learn, share and network, thus strengthening Botswana’s ICT policy implementation.“The objective of the conference and exhibition is to ensure that it avails an opportunity for decision makers to learn about current technologies and to afford exhibitors an opportunity to link with potential buyers in various sectors of the economy.” ICT is oxygen of the global market as a means of knowledge production and information processing and sharing.

Kutjwe noted that ITEX 2010 conference and exhibition is unique as it will stage the first itex ICT awards; the rewarding and highlighting of the outstanding work of young people who have contributed to social development through the use of ICT.

She said that companies should no longer view Information Technology as a department but rather as an enabler for all sectors. She highlighted that in this technological advanced society no business can survive today without PC, internet, email, printer, server and other ICT tools.
“ICT is the blood vessels of all sectors,” she said.

She noted that its time business people embrace ICT as it contributes significantly to nations’ sustainable development worldwide.

“ICT improves innovation, service delivery, efficiency, education quality, productivity and overall development efforts and initiatives,” she said.

According to Kutjwe ITEX 2010 is not only IT sector event, organizations are welcome to come and share their ICT usage and market their services and products. She revealed that ITEX is open for all sectors like insurance, healthcare, finance, government private sector and parastatals. Through this event they can share their best experience of ICT usage and share lesson for the general public.

“We all have responsibilities for speedy diffusion of ICT in Botswana through concerted efforts from all sectors thus Botswana can become a knowledge society,” she concluded.


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