Wednesday, June 12, 2024

IWG launches mentorship, empowerment programme

The International Working Group (IWG) has introduced a programme dubbed mentorship and empowerment for young girls in sport. Speaking at a media briefing in Gaborone recently, the IWG secretary, Game Mothibi , said the initiative aims to equip the girl child with skills to protect themselves in order to reach their full potential in sports. She said the programme was derived from the mentoring and empowerment programme for young women (MEMPROW), which founded in Uganda.

Mothibi said MEMPROW believed that building a generation of informed and empowered young women was a catalyst for transforming gender relations. She also stated that MEMPROW brought together girls and young women from across Africa to provide them with skills and knowledge to become successful, confident and self-reliant individuals. She said the programme in Botswana was meant for girls from 13 to 19 years who came from challenged backgrounds and who participated in different sporting codes. She highlighted that IWG approached Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) for partnership in the selection of girls for the programme.

Mothibi stated that BISA identified 10 prospective beneficiaries of the programme in which only five will be selected, adding that the candidates were young girls who were within the school system, who had shown potential for sports excellence with guided support and motivation. She said the mentorship would be done by professional mentors to facilitate on social survival skills such as dealing with the media, information sharing as well as to enhance self-awareness and self-worth.

For his part, BISA president, Joshua Gaotlhobogwe, noted that indeed they collaborated with IWG for this programme as their mandate was for addressing issues related to the girl child. He alluded that sometimes girls lacked confidence in answering to the media after performing well in the competition hence the program will be helpful I addressing such issues, he said girls were selected from various areas such as Kang, Etsha, Dibete and Sekondomboro to mention just a few.


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