Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Ja Mabele breweries making in-roads

A junior traditional beer brewer based in TaungÔÇö near RamotswaÔÇöhas entered the market with the aim of providing swiggers with a wider choice.
The two-and-half months old Mabele Breweries Company said last week that its distilleries are already quenching thirst in areas around Ramotswa, Gaborone and Tlokweng areas.

“This market is starved of choice,” said Aloysius Mushayandebvu, the managing director of the fledgling outfit. “The more competition and competitors we have, the better.”

The establishment of Mabele Breweries has added more competition in the traditional beer market, which already boasts of three others. So far, there is BBL, the manufacturers of Chibuku, who control 70 percent of the formal traditional beer. The other two, Zebra and Country Breweries, are trying to make some in-roads in this country.

“Our product quality is likely to be of a more consistent quality compared to other big operators,” Mushayandebvu said. “We have managed to reach 60 percent of the market.
“People with less disposable income are looking for value for money. Sorghum beer is quite vibrant in Southern Africa, unlike in South Africa and Zimbabwe. “

Botswana’s ph level is very low and it does not have sour buds.

The company is looking at providing transport for almost a 100-kilometre radius from Ramotswa.


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