Saturday, February 24, 2024

Jaguars maul Hogs to clinch bronze

Canon Jaguars finished the league on a high note at the weekend following their 28-23 triumph against Gaborone Hogs in their last game of the season in a Super Rugby contest that was played on Saturday at Wharic Park in Gaborone.

The two Gaborone giants were battling for a 3rd position in the league after they were both on tie with equal points after week 7 results that were played the previous weekend.

The Jaguars captain Tafadzwa Ncube said the he is happy with his team mates’ performance in a game that they both needed to win in  order for them to end the league on a podium finish since they failed to progress to the finals.

“We really wanted a silverware this season. It has been a tough season for us and we came with all of our guns blazing even hour Hogs were hard to crack in the middle of the park, but we had to fight hard for that bronze because we both needed it,” he said. 

He added that “we fought until the last whistle but I told my boys to take it easy they shouldn’t pressurize themselves and they did exactly that, hence we won the game.” 

Ncube further attributed their victory to their well established and determined youthful squad they have at their disposal. He believes that they can go far if they maintain their current form and focus to next season.

“It was youth versus experience because our team is made up of young players who are still at school but they showed their worth over the well experienced side that was posing a serious threat,” said Ncube.  

He added that “but they managed to contain them and it was a motivation to the boys and that the results of hard work that we are always preaching at the club house and training and they delivered.” 

This was their second term in the elite league since their debut in 2015 finishing  2nd position even though had some few setbacks this season which reduced them to 3rd position. Ncube believes they can do better next season.

“Last season we did exceptionally well as compared to this season but this is only our second term in the super league, that gave us hope and belief that we can do well at any given time against any given team,” he explained.

Ncube expressed concern that they were rocked by injuries in the last round because it was exhausting because we were playing hard games week in week out.

“Since we have a pool of young players, when injuries arise we struggle hard because sometimes we need experience and we intend to extend our squad to a huge bigger number in future so that we prepare for such unforeseen circumstances like injuries, because we are the future of Botswana rugby,” he added.

The battle of the title will be between UB Rhinos and BDF Cheetahs next weekend at Wharic Park in Gaborone.


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