Sunday, March 26, 2023

JCI provides platform for growth and networking

JCI, a community of young active citizens who share the belief that in order to create positive change, they must take collective action to improve themselves and the world around them, is set to have its 14th Annual National Convention under the theme “Let’s be the change”.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Malaki Kereeditse, JCI Botswana President, said, “The Conference provides a platform for young professionals to engage each other and create shared values for a BETTER SOCIETY.” He added that “it also promotes and strengthens civil society and private sector partnership towards positive development”.

Keeditse noted “that this year’s National Conference promises to be bigger and better, with exciting skills development trainings from our training partners WOO International, JCI Zimbabwe and New beginnings International”.

In store for this year’s conference is a Public speaking competition with a lot of prizes to be won for the Best Public speaker, a debate competition that too has wonderful prizes to be won. In addition there will be National Awards that look at awarding the organizations best achievers.

Keeditse revealed that also in stock is a community project where JCI, in partnership with a publishing company, will donate books to the Mpule Kwelagobe Centre library, an orphanage housing about 50 children.

Gracing the occasion will be Neo Moroka, the Resident Director & CEO of De Beers Holdings Botswana, at the Presidential Induction Dinner.

He said partnerships possibilities are still available for companies or organizations that would like to partner with JCI Botswana.

The conference will be on 14th -17th October 2010.


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