Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jewels Modeling Agency stages national hair show

The modeling industry in Botswana continues to grow in leaps and bounds as yet another modeling agency, Jewels, recently joined the fray with a national hair-modeling competition.

Speaking, at the Francistown leg of the show at Adansonia Hotel last weekend, Tshepo Dintwe of Jewels Modeling Agency, said that they chose to organize a hair show instead of a fashion show to dispel the myth that modeling is all about fashion.

“There are so many aspects of modeling, and the challenge is for models and their agencies to look for new avenues through which they can generate income instead of going with the tried and tested route of fashion modeling,” she said.

She added that they are also looking to cement hair as an important and integral part of modeling and fashion. “It is a known fact that most pageants and shows focus only on the fashion side of the industry, and we want to expose the rich talent that is present in Botswana’s hair salon industry and also expose hair design as a fashion genre of note in Botswana,” she added.

She revealed that they hosted the first hair show at Riverwalk in Gaborone on March 28, which was followed by the Francistown show last weekend. However, two more shows are in the pipeline, with the Gaborone show billed for April 18 and the Francistown show billed for April 25.

Hair salons partake in each of these shows by choosing two or three models and designing their hair for the show. A total of 12 salons, six from each town, will be chosen to partake in the grand finale on May 2 at a venue yet to be announced.

Jewels modeling agency also doubles as a modeling academy, which trains aspiring models and prepares them for the challenges of the modeling industry.

“The modeling industry is growing in Botswana, and it is important that aspiring models are trained on a professional level so that they can tap into the financial benefits of the industry,” said Dintwe.

Dintwe also added that it is important that young and naïve models are warned of the pitfalls that are inherent in the industry so that they do not fall prey to financial vultures and other challenges, like drug and alcohol abuse. The fact that their agency doubles as an academy has been well received by models from all over the country, all of whom are looking to work with an agency that will not only assist them to earn a living, but also nurture their careers and help them to grow.

Dintwe also said that Jewels Modeling Agency will soon launch a fashion range called House of Jewel. The agency has five citizen directors. It is sponsored by, among others, Galo Mall, Riverwalk and Adansonia hotel. It also enjoys a lot of goodwill from local hair salons.


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