Thursday, January 20, 2022

Judges threaten more damning information against Chief Justice

Twelve Judges who have penned a petition against Chief Justice Maruping Dibotelo have vowed to expose more damning information against the Chief Justice to the judicial Service Commission.




In their petition which contains damaging allegations against the Chief Justice, the 12 judges stated that the allegations were just the tip of the iceberg. “There are other matters, not stated here because of their extreme sensitivity which we will present at the meeting of the commission and the judges.”




The petition accuses the Chief Justice of tribalism and racism. “He persistently raised objections about the Court of Appeal being led by a white man in Hon. Justice Kirby. At the height of the judge’s trouble with the law, he made disparaging remarks about the judge’s ethnicity as a predisposition for his troubles.” The judges stated that they would provide details to the JSC.




The judges further stated that the Chief Justice’s “intense belief in witchcraft disables him from relating with judges and members of staff without suspicion. He persistently says that his traditional doctor informs him that judges and members of staff are bewitching him and that this coming rainy season lightning will strike with catastrophic effect.”




The petition outlines events leading to the JSC’s decision to report Justice Dingake, Justice Letsididi, justice Garekwe and Justice Busang to the police over housing allowance that was erroneously paid out to them.




The petition suggests that the Chief justice was angry at the judges for a resolution they had adopted at the annual Judicial Conference in Mahalapye in July and was getting back at them. In fact, the petition goes as far as to state that the Chief Justice had confided in some judges and members of staff that he was planning to destroy some of the judges’ careers.




“The Chief justice pronounced his intent to destroy careers long before he conveniently convened the judicial service commission to rubber stamp his decision to destroy careers. We believe that had the hon. Chief justice divulged his intention to destroy careers to the Judicial Service Commission, they would not have rubber stamped his clearly malicious agenda.”




At the time of going to press, the Sunday standard had not established when the judges would be allowed to make out their case against the Chief justice before the JSC. 


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