Friday, May 20, 2022

Julliard returns to Maru A Pula School and Maitisong

Over the next two weeks, Maru A Pula School will once again be host to actors and dancers from Julliard Schools Black Student Union in the United States of America who will be running daily workshops.

Having been here last year to lend a hand helping those with ambitions to learn theatre, this year their stay in Botswana will culminate in a show to be called The Tapestry, which will be performed at Maitisong on the 17th and 18th of June.

The show will cost P25 for children (under 12) and P50 for adults.

The workshop will include two hours everyday with Moshupa students, along with classes in theatre production, theatre design and theatre dance that are open to the public in the afternoons.
This will also include Maru A Pula students.

The Julliard team comprises of five artists: Ernesto Breton, who will teach dance theatre, Jeremy Harris will be assisting with Drama along with Kerry Warren.

The project founders, Lebron Mcclary and Candace Feldman, will also be in attendance during the two weeks of learning and fun. Though they are young and are either in university or have just completed their Bachelor’s degrees in theatre, they each have vast experience.

In a press conference held at Maru A Pula, Harris encouraged students to follow their dreams and urged Batswana who have received training elsewhere to return to their motherland and impart vital skill and knowledge they acquired overseas in order to benefit the future theatre students in the country.

It’s this continuous relaying and teaching of younger generations that will enable Botswana to maintain its culture.

“Artists preserve the truth of past generations, politicians always have other agendas but not with artists,” he said.

He also highlighted the importance of learning from the students whilst passing his knowledge onto them and relaying it to his colleagues in the US through blogs, social networking and in person.
“I’m gaining something profound while I’m here, other colleagues came here last year because of their experience,” he proclaimed.

Feldman, who has worked with the likes of John Legend, Hugh Masekela and Oprah said they hope to continue with the project as they have not seen a reason to stop coming to Botswana.
“On our first try, we made a good relationship; the relationship is good and would not want to drift anywhere else,” she said.

Those with an interest in theatre should not hesitate to head to Maitisong and get the tutelage of a lifetime.


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