Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Justice Dingake, Blackie Marole open up their private lives in bribery claim case

High Court Judge, Key Dingake, and Debswana Managing Director, Blackie Marole, this week decided to open up their private life to the public to dispel any notion that they have anything to hide in a case in which a litigant claims that Justice Dingake had been bribed to the tune of P1.5 million.

This week, Justice Dingake, along with Marole, withdrew an Appeal that was scheduled to be heard before the Court of Appeal.

The duo, along with Debswana mining company, was unhappy with a High Court order issued by Judge Monametsi Gaongalelwe in favour of former Debswana employee, Donald Gaetsaloe. The pair argued that Gaetsaloe had failed to make out a clear case for disclosure of personal information.
“I can confirm that we are not proceeding with the appeal,” Dingake and Marole’s lawyer Virgil Vergeer told Sunday Standard.

Vergeer said that he could not comment on the next cause. He stated the order still stands before hastening to point out that his clients were, however, still examining their options.
“My clients and I will seat down and decide on the appropriate step,” added Vergeer.

The Order from Gaongalelwe has directed that cellphone communication between Dingake and Marole be released to Gaetsaloe. Among others, Gaetsaloe will have access to Dingake’s tax returns, his loan agreements with Barclays Bank and First National Bank as well as documents on the history of the loans.
Further Gaetsaloe will also get monthly bills of Marole’s phone bills.

Gatsaloe maintains that through his own informal ‘hamstrung’ investigations that are based largely on conjecture, Dingake was bribed by Marole and further alleges that the DCEC, which probed Dingake, might have colluded with both Dingake and Marole.

Meanwhile, in a separate but much related issue, the court of Appeal will next week Friday deliver a ruling on a recusal application launched by Gaetsaloe’s attorney in the hearing of a case that Gaetsaloe lost before Dingake.


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