Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Justice Mothobi to be installed as traditional chief in one of Serowe’s most powerful wards

Justice Michael Mothobi of the Botswana High Court will this week be installed as a headman of the Basimane Ward in Serowe.
This will make Mothobi the second most powerful traditional leader in all of Serowe after the paramount chief, Ian Khama Seretse Khama.
With over twenty smaller wards under it, Basimane Ward is by far the biggest in Serowe. One of the organizers of the installation, Kgosi Gomolemo Omphile, said Mothobi will be installed by Bangwato regent Sediegeng Kgamane.
 Like Khama, Mothobi will, however, not be taking up traditional duties.
He said he will appoint people to act on his behalf while he continues his judicial role, a position to which he was appointed by Khama just over two years ago.
“It will be up to him to appoint whomever he wants since he is still a public servant,” said Omphile.
The judge said in an interview that there is a provision in the Bogosi Act which allows an installed chief to ask for special leave if he is held up by other duties.
The Basimane Ward has a long standing history of being ruled by the Khama sons among them Khama III, Seretse Khama and Ian Khama while the Mothobi’s name hardly featured in the same weight as the Ngwato royal lineage.

Mothobi said Basimane has two wards one ruled by Khama I’s sons and another by Mothobi’ sons.

┬á“After being installed, I will request a special leave and appoint two people to this ward which represents the Khama and Mothobi sons because His Excellency the President is also on special leave,” said Judge Mothobi.
The Judge said his grandfather, Basimane Mothobi, ruled a group of BaNgwato still of the Basimane Ward and also called BaSenya at Maope, Topisi and Lechana. Basenya are also known as BaKgabong.
Mothobi’s coronation enjoys the blessing of President Ian Khama, not least because the two’s ancestors ruled together.

The Ngwato tradition dictates that the first born son of a chief automatically becomes heir to the throne. As things stand President Khama has no son to succeed him while Mothobi himself has said his son will succeed him.


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