Monday, April 22, 2024

Jwaneng Galaxy invests in the future and mental state of players

Having a partnership with Jwaneng mine management has truly came in handy for Jwaneng Galaxy football club. The mine has not only opened its arms for the club to use their facilities, but they are also rendering services to the club.

According to Public Relations Officer to Jwaneng Galaxy, Tankiso Morake said one of the main services they offer players is that of counselling.

“We deal with kids who are growing; however, in my lifetime I tend to see people particularly elders giving up on children because of mistakes they have done. We live in a society in which when an athlete not only in football make a mistake, the community is always quick to judge them and give up on them in addition receiving name tags inline to what they were involved in and this is wrong,” Morake explained.

Speaking of the challenges of growing up faced by young players, the Galaxy PRO noted that they are very vulnerable and in need of guidance to help them with whatever they may be dealing with.

“One in five players you will realise that they tend to behave like a Blacksheep of the squad. When you find that player it is important to sit aside with them and understand what they are facing and the root cause of the problem,” Morake highlighted.

Pointing out that mental analysis of players is important for management, as this will ensure they refer a player to get necessary help to diagnose them correctly. Adding that the analysis makes it easy in order to them to get right people for help.

“Because of the partnership with Debswana, we have been allowed to use their counsellors. In addition to this process, we ensure our players are in good state mentally and physically, we make sure they know what they are going through will not be known to the public,” he said.

Stating that as much player’s mental state and their issues is kept as a secret, it is safe to say Galaxy players are in good hands as they have a program that caters for their mental wellness.

This not being the only service they are being rendered to, Galaxy prides itself in also ensuring that when players retire from football, they have something to fall back on.

“It may not be for every player but we do tend to look for jobs for our players. Truth is we are not obliged to look for jobs for them, but we are aware after football they have to return home and fend for themselves,” Morake said.

“We tend to do this for players who have aged and cannot play football any more. This jobs however, are not sorted from the mine but in any industry or company. Some companies approach us wanting to hire them because of love,” he explained.

On a sad note, Morake said it brings pian to them as a club to see a player having nothing after being with them. However, he pointed that there are players who wish to go back to school and they come to their aid.

“One thing that has come to my attention is that, when one works for a company, he/ she can ask to go to school to further their studies with the help of the company; but in football we do not do that, they take this deed as correction not looking at the future of the player after serving the club,” he said.

Nonetheless, Morake urges clubs not only to focus on their club brand but also the human brands and to ensure they empower them. Adding that if this could be done, even the young upcoming players will play the sport with their all knowing that they will not be the biggest loser in the long run.


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