Monday, July 22, 2024

Kanjabanga and Co. threatens to deploy independents

Expelled former member of the Botswana National Front Lemogang Ntime says that his group is considering fielding independent candidates to contest in the general elections due in five months if their cases in the Courts would not have been finalized by election time.

Ntime said this when addressing a political rally in Gaborone Bus rank on Wednesday afternoon.

“ We are currently just monitoring the situation of the cases to see how they go and if we feel they will not have come to finalization when the country goes to elections, we will field independents in some constituencies who will go to Councils and represent the wishes of their voters and nothing else,”,he said.

He also bemoaned trade unions which seem to be aligned with United Democratic Congress saying that on its own shows their lack of knowledge in global politics as UDC “is nothing but a front for neo liberals whose policies are in nature capitalist and therefore not for serving the needs of the working class.”.

The veteran politician also said that UDC was formed by people who have broken away from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party and that their aspirations are similar to those in the BDP, a party whose failures are well known by all.

“We are talking about people whose former party is still failing to provide its citizens with work and more importantly with plots of land to build houses,” he said.

Ntime further said that it is a shame that Botswana whose sizes is slightly bigger than France is failing to make plots of land for its citizens to build houses whilst France with 70 million is able to do so. “This is clear failure by the ruling party,” he said.

He said that it was a pity that instead of fighting a party that is so clearly failing to govern, they now have to fight Court wars caused by people like UDC President Duma Boko.

Ntime and Gabriel Kanjabanga are battling to have BNF out of the UDC on grounds that there was no agreement with general membership .


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