Saturday, March 2, 2024

Kapinga roots for jailing of BDP big wigs if opposition wins

Botswana Congress Party’s Kenny Kapinga has refuted comments made by Member of Parliament for Okavango Bagalatia Arone that he is a city boy who knows little or nothing at all about life in the rural areas. At a recent  political rally Arone described Kapinga as a new comer to the constituency who is yet to learn a lot from him.

Infact he said he is a proud resident of Okavango, a son of the soil who was born and raised in Shakawe before relocating to Gaborone where he held high positions in the public service. It is in Shakawe where he says he also has a home, a cattle post and other property in the outskirts.

At an event to organized by to BCP welcome him over the weekend, Kapinga revealed that the he had on numerous times declined offers by members of the BDP who had wanted to recruit him while he was still a public servant.

The former deputy police commissioner and ambassador said he knows the constitution of Botswana like the palm of his hand as he had familiarized himself with it ever since he was a public servant. This, he said is why he knows his rights as a citizen, the do’s and don’ts as well as  the powers of the president and how far he can go with them. He said the president knew he wasn’t a BDP member and therefore couldn’t be trusted to hold the police commissioner’s post as they were afraid he was going to expose their wrong doings. 

He noted that as it stands now, there is a relationship breakdown between the government and the public service.

 Should the joint opposition win elections win in the 2019 general elections, he said he will recommend that there be a thorough investigation of the BDP with effect from the year 2008 when Khama took over because it is then that serious crimes started.

“Most people in the BDP belong to jail and we will make sure we move them there. There has been deliberate corruption by most of them and we will hold them answerable for their actions. We will not even waste government resources engaging the International Criminal Court as we have all the capabilities and equipped with the right expertise of dealing with such people locally.”

He added “Once in power, we will also make sure that the president relocates from Shakawe and the rest of the Okavango. He will have to trace his roots back to Serowe because that’s where he belongs”. 

While the party is well aware of the fact that there might be some members who might have developed interests in campaigning for the MP’s seat in the constituency as it is their constitutional right, BCP Youth League President Tumiso Rakgare shared that they would appreciate it more if those people pave way for Kapinga to do so since he is their biggest catch, not only in the BCP but in Botswana politics at large. He labeled Kapinga as a must-have and a rare breed whom they will never detach from. He said Batswana have proved that they have grown tired of the Khamas as they run the whole country like their household.

For his part, former Francistown South MP Vain Mamela stated that they had in the past weeks been touring areas in the Okavango which took them to as far as Eretsha, Seronga Beetsha as well as Skondomboro, which is MP Arone’s home village. He said it was while touring the area that they learnt BCP members there remain unshaken by Arone’s defection. Another team led by councilor Stephen Makhura from Mochudi went to Gani, Ikoga and Etsha.

Meanwhile BCP president Dumelang Saleshando has assured Shakawe residents that unity talks are at an advanced stage and that the good news will be revealed in due time. 

“The UDC and the BCP have agreed that we need each other. The long awaited report has been finalized and we can’t wait to fight the BDP head on”. However he expressed disappointment that MP Arone is busy going around tarnishing the good name of the BCP. He said he was more than shocked to learn that the MP has even mentioned that he regrets the time he wasted at the BCP, saying that was a very bad statement considering that it was through the BCP that he got to know the streets of Gaborone having stayed in the rurals most of his childhood life. With Kapinga onboard, he said they are assured of good quality thinking as he is a learned man whom they believe will add value to the party.


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