Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Karate brothers offer defensive techniques for women gratis

With acts of violence against women on the rise, a men’s group is offering free defence classes for women from June to August. 

After recognising the importance of women defending themselves, Sensei Goitse Nagafela has collaborated with his brother, Arnold, to introduce the classes through a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) called The free school and I.

During the classes, women will be taught efficient self defence techniques to avoid, defuse and confront both armed and unarmed criminals, and to accomplish these acts in the safest manner possible, states Nagafela, who is a professional karate expert.

“We realised women were under threat in more ways than one; women are not safe in our communities and as we try to curb this problem, we should at least teach them to defend themselves in the meantime. The whole country is going to benefit, not just women everyone because if one citizen is hurt we are all hurt, and if one is protected we are all protected. 

“It is very simple, we were not going to ask our country what it will do for us; we wanted to ask ourselves what we can and will do for it, so this is our way of playing our part in the bigger scheme of things,” he says.

He says it is vital for women to equip themselves with defence knowledge as early as possible, and they should anticipate learning various techniques at the classes. “

All those that attend should expect to learn basic punches and strikes with palms, elbows, knees and heels. Even a purse or cellphone can be used as a weapon. They will learn to escape from chokes and holds while standing and escaping when pinned down. But most importantly they will learn how to avoid being forcefully held, blocked or pinned down or against even a wall or any structure,” explains Nagafela.

He aims to make karate a lifestyle for women. He adds that women are few in karate but they need self defence knowledge. 

“We came up with this idea to bring self defense closer to women without bringing the intimidation that the word karate comes with. It is just a misconception about the sport,” he says.

“Everyone will benefit and all ages are encouraged to come. The whole nation will benefit, even men. Their women will be safer. There will also be health benefits as we will do a bit of aerobic exercises to get the women fit for flight or fight.”

Nagafela states that they will share details of place and times in the following weeks.


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