Wednesday, May 25, 2022

KBL celebrate 10th year of Kick-start Awards

As it prepares 10 years of existence of the awards, Kgalagadi Beverage Trust (KBT) has awarded grants amounting to P1, 218, 529.00 in 2014 to KickStart awards, the company has said.

KBL Corporate Affairs and Strategy Director Ticky Pule said when the idea of kickstart was first conceived; no one had any idea that would become one of the most popular youth development grant schemes in the country. She said given its small and humble beginnings 10 years ago, it was difficult at the time to conceive that it would such a sustained and growing interest from Batswana youth and publics over the years.

“The origins of KickStart were rooted in the quick realization that young people faced increasing barriers to access the funding initiatives that were available at the time,” said Pule.

She pointed out that key among that was access to finance, lack of security and collateral, lack of necessary business acumen and lack of post funding support and guidance. She added thatKgalagadi Breweries and the then Botswana Breweries Limited, took a deliberate step, seeking to reverse and address these impediments through our corporate social investment arm, Kgalagadi Beverages Trust.

“KickStart began as a pilot project and a concept that sought to catalyze and mobilize youth entrepreneurship development in Botswana,” she said.

Pule said that one that made it easy and less intimidating for them, as it recognized the huge challenges faced by young people who wish to venture into business earlier on in life, and have brilliant and creative ideas to support this ideal. She added that to this end, the KickStart initiative waived all security requirements, opting rather to offer youth business capitalization to successful youth entrepreneurs rather than loans as well as free business skills training, and a formal 12-month mentorship to support the fledgling businesses.

The 2014 KickStart winner are Spectrum Oil is owned by Botlhe Mogapelwa and the business was awarded a KickStart grant of P250, 000 and a 12-month mentorship to help to Kickstart his business.

Ofentse Mmolai owns Potfid Furniture Manufacturer and Design and his business were awarded a KickStart grant amounting to P185, 800 and a 12-month mentorship to help him establish his business. Amongst them is Tlhago Thatcher’s is owned by Pelonomi Ratswhene-Lesedi owns Tlhago Thatcher’s and her business was awarded a KickStart grant amounting to P181, 656 as well as a 12-month mentorship support to help her KickStart her business. Last but not least was Gofaone Semetsa owns Wes’ Chillies Biltong Production and his business was awarded a KickStart Mentorship amounting to P237, 637.00 as well as a 12-month mentorship support to support him towards establishing her business.

Also Space Notion Architects (Pty) Ltd is owned by Taboka Mokobi and was awarded a KickStart grant amounting to P 113, 436.00 to capitalize and establish his business. This included a 12-month business mentorship.

The highest awarded was Boitumelo Mageba owns Magrach Construction and his business was Kickstarted with a P250, 000 grant as well as a 12-month mentorship support to help to establish and grow his business.


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