Saturday, August 13, 2022

Kealeboga “HT” Mabua “Tautona Reloaded”

HT is synonymous with great delivery, motswako lyrics that send the listener into his world.

His double disc, Tautona Reloaded, is a follow-up to his previous work. The rapper offers a 28-track album that doesn’t disappoint any motswako lover. The album, which is dominated by Rimzy productions but other producers help make a much needed variety and ambience to the album.

The motswako raps are somewhat exaggerated throughout the album, but they probably give you a sense of the artists personality rather than deter you from a listen.

HT uses his vocals to sing in his second song RatoLame; he does this well with without straining his voice. The song sees him rapping about someone he is in love with and he expresses this love with good imagery. The use of Auto-Tune is becoming a prominent feature in a lot of Hip Hop albums and perhaps the song, Money on My Mind, could have been done without auto-tune as it seems to have seen its best days.

In contrast, the track Beat It is a reminder that less auto-tune singing still works better.

Moratiwa Motswako could well be the anthem for the lover of motswako that is HT, “you my number one, Motswako I didn’t choose you, you chose me,” he raps.

The albums production is definitely impressive, especially on Tautona, featuring Lesh ÔÇôD and Le tlaa ipona, featuring Ekzyle.

There are more correct steps than missteps on the album; the lyrical content is impressive and so is his creativity. Tracks that you have to listen to are: Tautona, Gabs city, Moratiwa Motswako, Rato Lame and It’s a Shame. Gabs City sums up the daily lives of Batswana in Gaborone; the picture is vivid from those driving BMW’s to those struggling for meals; HT does the city proud with this song’s representation of our city.

With features from Helen and Juju Boy, HT has helped to diversify his target audience.

As he says in his intro, “It takes a man to make it through this industry.” He shows he has matured very quickly into a force to be reckoned with.


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