Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Kedikilwe addresses Methodist Young Men’s Guild

The Vice President, Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe, told the 57th Young Men’s Guild of the Methodist Church Convention that he was hopeful that their theme for this year would highlight complex societal issues.

These included poverty eradication, domestic violence, economic empowerment and spiritual growth. He said he trusted that Satanism and same gender marriages will also receive same attention. He asked of the District President, “How do you solemnise the marriage of the people of the same gender, saying today I am happy to introduce Mr so and so and Mr so and so as husband and wife?”

Murmurs and low laughters followed.

Kedikilwe was giving the keynote address at the beginning of the YMG three-day convention held at Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School. The convention went by the theme; “Stepping into the other side for transformation”.

Dr Kedikilwe also said he was informed that the organization was addressing issues of HIV/AIDS and its impact. However, he said due attention needed to be given to other life threatening ailments, like hypertension and cancer among others. He also appreciated the organization’s initiatives to assist humanity and the Methodist Church’s contribution towards educational development.

“I gather that this very weekend, you will invest some money in Botswana towards construction of the Ramotswa Church building. This is commendable because church structures in the evolution of the church around the world serve as homes for the homeless and refuge for those who find themselves stranded and indeed in times of war. We do not wish for nor anticipate to have wars but my point is that having a permanent structure is important because it gives dignity to praise God in a comfortable way because He is a dignified God,” he said.

Kedikilwe further explained that churches are expected to integrate, reach out and bridge the divides between communities. Today, he said, communities acknowledge and applaud the efforts of churches and church leaders for the positive role they are playing in communities, often taking the lead in social upliftment, and dealing with the trauma of violence against women and children.

“Religious organizations must lead by example, and the leadership must be phenomenal, upright, diligent and God fearing, with high levels of integrity and above reproach. I am elated that the Methodist Church has not conducted themselves in a manner that compromised their integrity,” said Dr. Kedikilwe.

This event is held annually and is hosted by different Circuits rotationally. The Convention is meant to accord YMG members from across the District a platform to reflect on their contribution towards the four pillars of the church and also to share experiences and challenges encountered in a bid to improve fellowship and community service and outreach delivery as stipulated by the church mission and vision. It was hosted by the Gaborone Circuit.

The Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Gaborone Circuit, is part of the Limpopo District ÔÇô a network of 40 circuits- including four in Botswana; Gaborone , Lobatse, Serowe and Francistown Circuits.


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