Saturday, December 2, 2023

Keebine calls for industrialization to revive Francistown’s dying economy

The President of the Business Botswana Gobusamang Keebine says that there is need to collectively prioritize industrialization for Francistown to revive its ailing economy.

rancistown, is currently reeling through economic challenges. The country’s second city was dealt a death blow four years ago when several mines in its vicinity shut down leading to high unemployment, poverty and crime.

Other organisations such as Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) have since closed business turning the second city into a ghost town.

peaking during the Business Botswana Northern Trade fair in Francistown recently Keebine emphasized that it is high time that they collectively prioritize industrialization as key to economic growth for Francistown.

“It is also important that citizens participate in the economy, only if we see ourselves as partners in business, if we support each other in our businesses and if we make a concerted effort as business people to take the lead in our economy and convert it into a private sector led economy and reduce dependency on government,” he said.

He said the industry sector globally plays an imperative role and therefore critical in developing countries such as Botswana as an alternative engine of economic growth. Keebine said this is only achievable if the private sector takes the responsibility and evolve into a more action centred leadership. He also said there is need to drive efficiency and accelerate growth for the businesses with a macroeconomic perspective in mind.

“We must work towards empowering and developing our people, improving quality of life and making Botswana an attractive destination for both investment and tourism and a leading centre of excellence in every possible sector,” he said

He said the industry sector can contribute towards job creation and social development.

Touching on the Northern Trade Fair he said it remains the largest exhibition in the region and over 150 exhibitors participated at last year’s fair. He said business sectors in attendance amongst others include; service providers, financial institutions, hotels, insurances, education and manufacturing.

The trade fair was held under the theme “Innovate- Intergrate ÔÇô Industrialize”.


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