Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Keeping the fire burning this winte

As the winter progresses and temperatures continue to plummet  to a point that meeting friends for a drink and or a beverage under the Kalahari skies is no longer an option. However for the eternal socialite it is imperative for for one to find an alternative and just a little above the foot of the iTowers in the Central Business District (CBD) lies such a haven simply known as Jessy’s Bistro. 

One cannot swing a cat in the CBD and not hit a Pub or restaurant so for the survival of such a business staff and management need to go the extra mile in ensuring that their clients enjoy immaculate customer service, a clean environment failing which their establishment runs a great risk of being overlooked when making plans on where to wine and dine.

As a means of deviating from the status quo of hiring Djs or having obscenely loud club music at an eatery that customers can barely hold conversations without screaming like banshees, Jessy’s Bistro offers music lovers the Acoustic Affair. During these sessions, revellers will get to enjoy soul music while enjoying an evening out. Acoustic Affair offers live performances by international and local artists, offering a vast variety of poetry, RnB, soul and jazz music.  Every first and last Thursday of the month one can enjoy this ‘Soul Soothing extravaganza.’ Adding more music to ones ears is that entrance to enjoy this is absolutely free.

In this highly competitive food and beverage industry it is highly imperative that they maintain a certain level of quality with respect to the goods and services that they offer to their clients. The primary commodity of an eatery is food; thus a good restaurant has to have high quality meals and maintain those standards consistently with every plate from the kitchen. Jessy’s Bistro has a refined restaurant offering a Mexican inspired cuisine and they also a sushi station for an alternative for seafood lovers also ensuring versatility to cater for different tastes and preferences.

Other than the amazing ambience and delectable variety of foods and drinks menu, Jessy’s Bistro also offers conferencing facilities which are extremely conveniently and strategically located by virtue of its central location.

Prior to the opening of Jessy’s Bistro their management had overlooked the popular Chez Nicholaz Lounge, Sky Lounge and Liban, the Bistro offers an alternatives specifically designed for a mature audience to enjoy a mellow night out over good conversation and a hearty grub. 


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