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Keeping up with Sesame Mosweu

Her Twitter bio says, “Mogul in the making” and without a doubt she is one of the promising young ladies who have the potential to be a mogul in Botswana and put Botswana on the map.

You probably know her as the voice that used to wake you up in the wee hours of the morning on Yarona FM. But she has since handed in the key on that one and, at the moment, she is not ready to discuss the issue.

She, however, is still engaged in many other projects that will benefit our infant entertainment industry and, hopefully, benefit the children we are yet to give birth to. Maybe one day they will have a Botswood and make a living from this industry. In between her busy schedule, Sesame took time to answer a few of our questions.

In the interview she addresses issues of her anticipated wedding to popular musician Zeus, who recently relocated to SA, if we should expect the pitter patter of little feet soon and of course her career.
Sesame recently took a trip to New York to perform her duties as the ambassador of the New American Chamber of Commerce. In the interview she talks about the trip.

To start ourselves off, please tell us what your name means.

Sesame means “She is mine.” My dad gave me that beautiful name.

Do you feel that something about your upbringing may have carved you to be where you are right now in life? And to be the person that you are?

Oh, absolutely. I was raised by a very strict mother so that taught me discipline, then life experiences, mine and those of the people around me taught me how the world works. I read a lot so I have learned a lot from books as well. But one truth remains constant, what we put out there we get back ÔÇô multiplied. What we focus on is our choice.

You post a lot of motivational 140-character notes on Twitter—what is currently the world’s most popular social networking site. Should we expect a book to come along very soon?

NO, I don’t have any intention of writing a book.

If this is so, is this why you may have left radio…to focus more on this project amongst others? I’m asking this because I once saw your tweet where you mentioned that your exit from radio was because you had decided to focus on other projects.

I tweeted that? Oh! I have never addressed my departure on radio publicly, this is intentional. It will happen at a time I deem fit.

Please tell us more about ‘Take One Drama and Theater’.

My heart. What One Take Drama And Theater offers is drama and theater activities for those aged 3-18. Classes are Thursdays (14:30-16:30) and Saturdays (10:30-13:00) at the Gabz Club next to the tennis courts. We have productions every quarter; our next production is towards school year end. I love performance this is just natural growth and the kids are a breath of fresh air.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I run One Take and have my ambassador duties. For now that is all I will reveal.

A lot of people are disappointed by your exit from radio because they felt they could identify with you, saying you never let your true roots leave you. Should we expect you to come back to radio anytime soon?

No, don’t expect it.

And should we expect to hear the wedding bells anytime soon? You have been dating Zeus a long time now and some Batswana are asking about it.

I think it’s important to have your own life before you become somebody else’s wife, for now I’m building my life, when the time is right I will marry.

How about the pitter patter of little feet?

I will have children; I don’t know how many- haven’t really thought about it. It will not happen anytime soon though. I accepted very young that I will have kids ‘later’ in life because my youth will be to focus on propelling my career forward. The ambition in me whispers daily.

What keeps you motivated and helps you keep a steadfast spirit even during tough times?

People tend to think adversity is on an opposite path to success; actually I know for certain it is on the exact same path. The most successful people fail time and time again- the thing that makes them successful is that they dust themselves off, learn the lesson and move right along. Most people quit when the going gets tough or they assume people are against them or all the excuses on the planet. Making excuses keeps you from learning the lessons of failure. Because I know this, tough times are welcome because I know the glory days follow shortly.

What advice would you like to give some of the aspiring career-women out there?

Don’t lose heart when the tough times arrive, as they will. Have clear goals, make a plan to achieve those goals, and enjoy what you do. In Steve Jobs’ words “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

I know you occasionally tweet about sexual harassment in the workplace. Warning young women not to compromise their dignity just to progress in the career-ladder. Please elaborate more on this issue.

Integrity is like loyalty; you can’t buy it and once you lose it’, it is very hard to get it back.

A lot of people are curious as to why you where recently in the USA. Could you kindly scratch the curiosity?

I went to NYC to attend a Business Leadership Program; because of my performance during the program, I was appointed ambassador of the New American Chamber of Commerce. Some of my responsibilities included speaking at seminars and expo’s about business opportunities in Botswana for business people who reside in the US. I liaised with Botswana’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

I also hosted the Goldman Sachs 10 000 small business initiative radio program on All Black Radio, which is based in Brooklyn, NY, and targets business people from all over the US. Goldman Sachs intends to assist 10 000 small businesses with different skills and tools for them to be more efficient and grow. The radio program followed this.

Full names: Sesame Monusi Mosweu.
Place of birth: Princess Marina Hospital.
Date of birth: 30th December 1985.
Favourite Author: Oh man a range, Iyanla Vanzant, Robert Kiyosaki, Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma.
Favourite Documentary: I enjoyed Barack Obama’s Walk to Presidency, that documentary is inspiring.
Favourite screenwriter/writer:Kelsy Grammar and Aaron Korsh among others.
Favourite singer: That’s a set up, how do I even begin to choose? I love Whitney to date, the old Whitney.

Books currently reading: Until Today- Iyanla Vanzant.

Five things we need to know about Sesame Mosweu:

Okay here goes:

1. I don’t eat seafood.
2. Have a sweet tooth.
3. I love bright colours.
4. Used to be a diehard tom boy in my teens.
5. My weight fluctuates between 45kg-48kg.


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