Sunday, May 29, 2022

Kelosika joins local food producers with 22000:2005 certification

Local Enterprises Authority has praised Kelosika Products Pty for attaining food safety management systems saying the move will be a source of encouragement and motivation to other SMMEs in Botswana.

Chief Executive Officer of LEA, Dr Tebogo Matome said the company has appreciated and embraced the unique challenges faced by the food industry; being quality and food safety hazards.

“Those in the food industry ignore these at their own peril, because modern day consumers demand assurances and maximum disclosure about the safety, origin and contents of what they are buying and consuming,” observed Matome.

“The infamous Chinese milk scandal brought into sharp focus the need for producers to adhere to high standards of food safety practices.”

Kelosika (Pty) Ltd produces Bonutrix, a supplementary food product. The company has been working on receiving certification in HACCP and ISO 220 involving input from BOBS, the SABS, NFTR and a consultant from the EU, which will allow it to export its products.

The company, which is a wholly owned citizen company, is one of the many LEA supported SMME since 2009.

It started operating in 2005, producing ready to use food supplements to promote childhood development and prevent malnutrition.

LEA has been working with Quali-Quest Consultants and the certifying body, DQS to assist Kelosika gets certified. An exercise that started in March of 2010 and finished in February of 2011.
LEA has set aside resources to subside the promotion and implementation of standards among SMMEs.

For Kelosika the subsidy covered consultancy fees for documentation required by the standard, as well as payment to the certifying body for external audits.

“Through dedication and commitment to producing quality products and responding to the expectations of their consumers, they have been able to grow their business threefold, in the last five years,” added Matome.

“I feel very proud that Kelosika has joined an elite group of local companies that embrace best practices in business efficiency and customer satisfaction, through the provision of quality products as symbolised by the ISO 22000:2005 certification.”

There are said to be less than 10 food companies in the country with this certificate.
The LEA CEO said he is confident that being ISO Certified will further enhance the growth potential of Kelosika, through increased productivity and competitiveness.

“ISO Certification is a key strategic element of product competitiveness, in both the domestic and international markets, and thus will assist Kelosika in their market access endeavours.”


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