Thursday, May 30, 2024

Kenewendo dares Gov’t again

The Specially Elected Member of Parliament (SEMP), Bogolo Kenewendo has called on the Government to spur economic development and independence, insisting the period of political development and independence were over.

For over 50 years of independence Botswana has been dedicated to political development and independence, but the youthful Kenewendo says the time is now for the Government to abandon the practice and speed up economic empowerment for the populace.

“For all these years of since independence we have vested our efforts with the task to political development and independence. I believe we have reached that stage,” she argued, adding “it was now time for economic independence and development of our population.”

While the country is decorated with economic and fiscal prudence for the past years by International Agencies culminating with the Southern African country catapulted into a middle income state outclassing some its peers in the region and internationally, the situation on the ground defies the logic despite.

“Our long term vision now should be economic development and independence. There should be equity  amongst the people,” Kenewendo further argued, critical of the countries “high inequality, unemployment and high income disparities amongst the majority of our population.”

To counter the current glaring situation, robust infrastructure development should be the cornerstone of the country’s transitional period for economic independence and development.

Kenewendo envisages decent jobs and income for the population with the undertaking.

“As result there will be high productivity. With robust infrastructure there will quest for innovation and total production as individuals give all of themselves,” she further noted.

At the time of her response to the President’s State of the Nation Address, residents of Boteti region, where she hails are angry and demoralised as they feel have been left out of the economic equation.

On Thursday, Kenewendo partially shared Boteti dwellers’ main worries, “Our entire nation should not feel left behind with the economic activity around them. Years of political development and independence are over. I am calling for our Government to think out of the box for economic independence and development of our people,” she concluded.

Various members of parliament continued to comment on the recent state of the nation address made by the outgoing President, Ian Khama.


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