Wednesday, December 6, 2023

KeNo launches campaign for female ambassador

Local clothing brand KeNo Custom Suits recently launched the #KeNo Woman Campaign in a bid to find the female face of KeNo suits. 

The campaign’s immediate mandate is to take the brand to the people, particularly women who felt the brand resonated more with men. “Undeniably so, women are the heart of society and through this campaign we celebrate them,” KeNo’s Thobo Kerekang says.

“#KeNoWoman speaks to the bold and brave woman, who defies simplicity and strives to rise above her obstacles to succeed.  She is a boss, a go getter all while still maintaining sophistication and elegance,” Kerekang says. 

“The Keno Woman does not quiver in fear of failure but stands out among the masses so her presence is felt.” He says at KeNo they believe in the equality of the sexes and this is just what the Campaign represents. “A woman can be anything she imagines herself to be and look good in a Keno Suit while pursuing her dreams.” 

The company says Keno Custom Suits has grown and established its roots through the unwavering support from society, further evidenced by the positive feedback and high engagement the competition has received. 

“To all the women who participated, congratulations for your efforts and to the top 30, the real journey is just beginning.” The company says the #Keno Woman Campaign will run until the end of September, and a series of tasks will be presented to the participants, stage by stage until they have the face of Keno Woman. A list of select judges is yet to be announced but we will also engage the community in voting.


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