Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Kgafela claims DIS, SA spies are plotting to assassinate him

Bakgatla Paramount Chief, Kgafela II claims that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) is conspiring with South African Intelligence agents to assassinate him.

In a letter to the Minister of Justice, Ramadeluka Seretse, a copy of which has been passed to the Sunday Standard, Kgafela states that, “these matters have formally been reported to the South African Government to address, where we have highlighted the names of South African intelligent officers that your DIS has been working with namely (name withheld) and the former ambassador of South Africa to Botswana Mr (name withheld).”

Kgafela further revealed in his letter that, “our family representatives met with Isaac Kgosi in Johannesburg on 15th May 2013, where they have sought to caution him against the unlawful activities of his organization and his relentless pursuit of myself. Mr Isaac Kgosi, yourself (Mr Seretse), Dr Ataliah Molokomme, President Ian Kgama and his advisors Mr Ian Kirby and others are all pursuing me as if I have stolen something from you, or slept with your spouses, when the truth is that your government started the fight over false assault charges.”

Kgafela, who has now taken up South African citizenship, says the Botswana government has attempted to illegally abduct him for deportation to Botswana. “We understand from Mr Isaac Kgosi that your government may not be sure about my status as a South African citizen in relation to my Botswana citizenship. I am a King who rules over a tribe in two countries. That circumstance is not of our own doing but a product of colonialism. The fact of the matter is that I have settled in South Africa permanently as a South Africa citizen. What you do with my citizenship of Botswana is up to you, since you now own the country as a family,” states Kgafela.

He claims that his family is living under constant threat of harm by the Botswana government when procedures exists that must be followed if a foreign country desires the extradition of an individual. “Your government is ignoring these legal procedures in preference for doing things gangster style.”

He further states: “In the event that you desire my extradition, the law requires you to bring the right proceedings where I will be able to defend myself as a South African Citizen. To the present day, I have not received any notice or process of extradition. I can assure you, Sir, that once such proceedings begin, the corruption of justice that took place during my constitutional challenge in Botswana, including pertinently, (a) the failure of your government to comply with its own Court orders, (b) the refusal of your Court to enforce its orders and subsequent justification of these violations of the Rule of law by (name of judge withheld) (c) the fraudulent nature of your constitution and gangster style of running government, and (d) complete breakdown of the Rule of law in Botswana, shall all become center stage in my defense against extradition in a South African Court. One thing for sure is that the whole world will know what is going on in Botswana in the next few months whether I am alive or dead.”

Kgafela claims DIS has been active in the North West Province of South Africa working collaboratively with Nyalala Pilane to divide and cause further confusion within the tribe. Kgafela, who is currently embroiled in a battle with Nyalala Pilane, further states that, “I have made enormous strides in my work to unite the Bakgatla ba Kgafela tribe in South Africa as well as to bring order through removing Mr Nyalala John Molefe Pilane from the chieftainship seat. I have filed Court applications against him and his team of corrupt politicians, which are due to be completed anytime. None of my respondents have filed opposing affidavits to challenge my demands for the truth and accountability.


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