Sunday, January 17, 2021

Kgafela labels President Khama’s remarks “unwise”

Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela II has described as “unwise” remarks by President Ian Khama and minister Lebonaamang Mokalake publicly condemning the flogging of people in Mochudi.

In an interview with Duma FM radio Station last week President Khama criticized the floggings in Mochudi, labeling it as abuse of power.

The President further urged all those who have been flogged by Kgafela’s mephato to report to the police.

Khama said that even in the old days when the chiefs wielded the political power the practice was altogether different from what Kgafela’s regiments are doing in Kgatleng.

He said that while corporal punishment was part of customary law, it was improper for Mephato to whip people willy-nilly without following the laid down procedure.

Khama’s remarks come hardly a week after a senior minister Mokalake issued a public rebuke of the floggings.

Mokalake said if not attended to Mephato may cause anxiety and public insecurity.
This was after two pastors of the Family of God Church were flogged.

But when contacted if it was not time to change tact since government is clearly flexing its muscle, Kgosi Kgafela was coy saying he does not want to engage government through the media.
“Firstly I don’t like exchanging with anyone in the media but both the President and Minister Mokalake have not consulted with me,” said Kgafela.
“They are assuming that we are doing unlawful things….It was unwise for them to say that,” he told the Telegraph.

Kgafela said that people holding leadership position like Khama and Mokalake should consult. He stated that he had hoped for Khama and Mokalake to consult him on the issue before making any public statements.

“It would have been advisable to speak to me first,” adding that this would have helped them to appreciate his side of the story.

He revealed that he had already written a letter to minister Mokalake seeking a meeting to allow him to give his side of the story. Kgafela said that he was hoping to meet with Khama to give him his side of the story as well.

He also said that he was preparing court papers to file against the Family of God Church which has since instigated a court case against himself, his younger brother Mmusi and the Bakgatla tribal community.

Kgafela also complained that the media and government were ganging up against him without taking into account that the Family of God church members have disrespected the chief.
Besides the family of God legal suit, the Bakgatla royals are also facing a lawsuit from a man who was whipped for allegedly stealing bridles.


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