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Kgafela’s letter to Kgatleng District Commissioner

Dear Mme Mma Samapipi
(District Commissioner)

On 8th October 2011, we held a public tribal meeting here at our kgotla in mochudi. In that meeting I announced that I would be away in Ngamiland in the last half of this month. We have returned yesterday, 26th October 2011.

Upon our return, I have learnt, with disappointment (but not surprising) that ministers, Rre Mokalake and Rre Siele attempted to hold a meeting at our kgotla in our absence on the 24th October 2011. I have received a report that meeting was aborted unceremonially.

I am writing to you madam, yet again to advice, in my capacity as kgosikgolo. I am advising you as the face of government in Kgatleng and I do so with the same respect I have accorded you since you came here.

Your cabinet through (Rre Merafhe) told us in public that they would talk to us. We are still waiting for government to open up for dialogue, however, whilst we wait, the government is following a line of conduct that is inconsistent with their word and thoroughly confusing to the public.

The cabinet was aware that both Mr Mokalake and Rre Siele are not welcome in our Kgotlas. The experience at Oodi spelt it out clearly for Mr Mokalake.The cabinet knew that I was away on the 24th of October. Yet, they organized to hold a meeting here in our Kgotla:

(i) In our absence
(ii) Behind our back
(iii) Against our will
(iv) Against such clear warnings that such a meeting would not be peaceful
(v) Accompanied by a strong contingent of the Police force, strategically positioned here at the kgotla and various positions in Mochudi

It is unheard of in our Setswana traditions to have the presence of armed forces in a traditional Kgotla meeting. Such a presence reflects a government that fears its own people. I would like you to tell those men at cabinet, madam, that they continue to commit blasphemy upon foundations laid down by their forefathers. Hardly two months ago, they committed the ultimate blasphemy by intruding upon our initiation ceremony. Now they bring armed forces in our Kgotla in a volatile atmosphere created by them.

I understand the meeting was arranged such that all government employees would attend the kgotla meeting in order to give an image of public presence and acceptance. I understand chairs were ferried into the kgotla for the civil servants. This behavior by your ministers is bad; really bad madam, because it was calculated to divide our people. It is for that reason why Rre Mokalake instinctively spoke of divisions (Makgamu) on interview. These divisions are his own perceptions. Our Morafe is not divided despite the efforts of your ministers at cabinet to divide us. Rather, we are getting stronger every day in unity through the grace of God.

The act of sneaking behind someone’s back and calling a meeting in his territory without his knowledge or consent is the height of cowardice and dishonor .Your ministers (Rre Mokalake and Rre Siele) are dishonourable cowards and they have ably proved this point to the whole country.
Today I received two apparently contradictory letters from the office of Rre Mokalake dated 28th October 2011. In one letter he says the government no longer recognizes me as kgosikgolo. In the second letter Mr Mokalake is inviting royal uncles to his office for a meeting next week Monday. Mr Mokalake is truly a joke, madam;

a) In the first place, he has not followed his own colonial laws which say he must give someone an audience before apparently drastic decisions are taken against him. Its called due process.
b) I am not an employee of his government. He has never had any authority over me and he will never have in his wildest dreams. His letter is therefore inconsequential, apart from the fact that it has not complied with their own laws. This is even worse where I personally have been seeking an audience with him and he has studiously avoided me in his cowardice.
c) If Mr Mokalake thinks he can end my leadership by a stroke of a pen when I have been enthroned by Bakgatla, then he is leaving in a different world of Illusions.
d) His letter calling a meeting is obviously insincere. It is self-serving in that it desires desperately to give an image that he has attempted dialogue when the reality is different
e) I have nothing more to communicate with or, concerning him, save only what I will discuss with him in the High Court on subpoena.

In conclusion, I must emphasize this point yet again madam that it is absolutely essential that I speak to Kgosi Ian Khama, otherwise, he likes of Rre Mokalake and his team of chaos generators are going to lead this country into chaos and anarchy.

I am working hard to get my constitutional challenge dealt with by the High Court as quickly as possible because I would like our problems to be solved civilly; otherwise, nature will take its course to resolve the present impasse. There is too much tension in our society likely to erupt into violence. Please take this warning and advice seriously.

I assure you that all ongoing efforts by cabinet to spark violence so that they may use their guns on us will fail. I have advised Bakgatla not to fall into that evil trap by evil people. They have their guns, corruption and force and here we stand with the truth and the power of God. We will see who will prevail in the end.

I remain your KgosiKgolo and will continue to discharge my functions. Let us continue to build our Local Government and peace in Kgatleng.

Yours in truth and justice
KgosiKgolo Kgafela II


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