Thursday, March 4, 2021

Kgafela’s letter to President Ian Khama (dated 8th November 2011)

On the 10th October 2011 I wrote you a letter whose copy is attached for ease of reference. I record that I have not received a response Sir.

I would like to repeat what I have said to you personally in a meeting we held two years ago, in previous correspondence and in public meetings, that I do not and have never meant you any harm. It is essential that you talk to me Sir, to hear for yourself what glory I have in store for you and all those who believe in truth and justice.

Whilst I await you to make a decision whether or not you will speak to me, I am enclosing herewith a draft affidavit of your evidence which I would like you to consider with the legal advice of your trusted lawyers.

As I said in my letter of 10th October 2011, all I want is really your evidence. You possess a golden signature Sir, that can free your fellow countrymen from the yokes of colonialism masquerading as democracy. Your signature has the potential to wipe away the real or perceived injustices of the past and instantly elevate you to unimaginable heights of glory and or happiness for many years to come. For this reason you are a very important man to me Sir, and my course and the aspirations of poor people of Botswana who do not have a voice against injustice.

You are of Royal blood Sir. That is more important than imagined. Please do not listen to the crooks around you, who claim to know law and governance but have only served to cause chaos in this country and taken advantage to mount embarrassment upon you. They cannot save you from the inevitable consequences of having to answer a Court subpoena or the humiliation of refusing to cooperate with your own Courts. You are alone in this legal process.

I await your call or signed affidavit, otherwise we shall have to slug this out in Court, unfortunately. I do not desire that kind of conflict where there is a more decent solution. This matter is now beyond everyone in the country but just us. Please help me to help others who have longed to see the colonial constitution discarded, as is now happening in the rest of Africa.

I have planned this moment since 2007, and it has come to pass now, as planned, that your signature is the passport to liberation of the whole country in a non confrontational manner. The opposite, if you do not help me, is that the Constitution will still fall, because it is time for it to go, like all other imposed Constitutions are going; but with much unnecessary anguish.

I ask humbly that we join hands on this one. I advice that I shall be causing publication of this correspondence so that the public we lead must know where we stand; otherwise some of your dishonourable Ministers and the plotters at government enclave will continue to mislead the public about the status of dialogue, and everything good for peace. They are given to lying; and that is bad manners of a grotesque proportion.

Yours in truth and justice
Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela II


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