Monday, February 26, 2024

Kgathi’s request for funds angers Boko

Leader of Opposition Duma Boko has said ministers have a fiduciary responsibility for their actions in government.

Boko was responding angrily to a request by the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi for P15 billion to be used for purchase of military jets by the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) under the National Development Plan 11.

Speaking in Parliament this week Boko, said Cabinet ministers would be held individually and personally liable for their actions in government.

He was ringing an alarm bell that should his Umbrella for Democratic Change come into power a review would be undertaken to establish how cabinet ministers had behaved in the previous government.

He said some ministers were behaving as if the funds they used were a favour to this nation. They forget that what they are doing is part of their service to the nation a job that at any rate, they are doing very badly,” he said.

He said by requesting P15 billion for the BDF it has become clear that the current government has failed to read and accurately interpret the kind of threats that this country faces.

“This biggest threats that Botswana face are not from outside. They are internal,” said Boko.

He then went on to enumerate what those threats were. Among them he mentioned the introduction of the Electoral Voting Machines.

He said the effect of such will be a popular revolt in response to possible electoral fraud by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.

Another threat, said Boko, was the level of corruption by those in power.

Yet another one, he said, was high unemployment among the youth.

“These threats do not need military hardware from Sweden or South Korea. They need to be addressed using creative ideas to create employment,” he said.

Boko went on to say Kgathi was “grotesquely misguided” in thinking that military hardware could stop change when the time for it to happen has come.

He said the threats as enunciated by Kgathi did not need to be resolved using fighter jets.

“The threats spelt out by the Minister need a strong police. They do not need the jets or the BDF,” he said.


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