Saturday, May 21, 2022

Kgatleng councillors demand resignation of President and Cabinet

In a dramatic move, the Kgatleng district councilors have demanded that both the State President and his cabinet resign from their positions for failing to resolve the on-going industrial strike.
The call was made on Friday during a special full council meeting that was called to update the councilors about the on-going strike and how it has affected the district.

Councilor Gerald Bodika told the council that the government had failed, therefore, he called upon the President to resign.

He condemned what the Department of Broadcasting Services is doing, not reporting the truth about the strike.

“We only hear one side, that of the government, but not the other side of the unions,” he fumed.
Another councilor, Molefe Molefe, also shared the same sentiments with other councilors that they want the President to resign.

The council chairman, Steven Makhura, said, “It is true that, during a special full council meeting that was called to update the council about the ongoing strike, the councillors strongly expressed the view that President Khama must resign.”

He said his council always supports the strikers and it will continue supporting the strikers until they get their demands met.

The District Commissioner, Wame Samapipi, told the council that the Tribal Administration where 88 officers out of 121 were on duty was hard hit by the strike, adding that Customary Court clerks were on strike, especially in Bokaa.

When asked about the underage students who were detained by the police during the student uprising last week, Samapipi said she was not in a position to discuss about security issues but stated that those kids were released from custody.

She further conceded that both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health are also most affected by the strike.

The council secretary, Gemmy Nzala, admitted that the strike has affected the district but said that they are trying their best to contain the situation.

The council has about 27 councilors and is dominated by opposition parties of the Botswana National Front and the Botswana Congress Party.


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