Thursday, May 30, 2024

Kgatleng councilors shun virtual meetings

Kgatleng councilors are threatening to boycott the upcoming full council season if the Ministry of Local government and Rural Development cannot allow them to attend the meeting physically.

Councilors allege that virtual meetings often fail due to poor connectivity and frequent power cuts that has become a norm.

Information reaching this publication suggests that Kgatleng councillors are likely to boycott the upcoming full council season scheduled to resume in little over a week.

It is understood that most the councilors demand that the full session should be attended physically not virtually as that disadvantage’s other councillors in debates.

It is understood that THE council executive meeting scheduled this week is expected to take a firm decision to request the minister of Local Government Eric Morale to allow the councillors to attend full council meetingS physically.

Kgatleng council chairman Daniel Molokwe said he is fully aware of numerous complaints from councillors that want the full council sessions to be attended at the council chamber physically instead of virtually.

He said in most cases some councilors are unable to debate because virtual meetings frequently fail due to a number of reasons that are beyond the council.

“As you might be aware Kgatleng district has a bad history of frequent power cuts which has now became a norm”.

He said the meetings are unable to continue due to poor connectivity as well as power cuts.

“It is important that councilors should fully participate in debate and represent their wards respectively and if they are unable to debates due to these challenges, it clearly shows that we have a serious problem and that alone affects our delivery “he said

He said the council executive this week will take a decisive decision whether to allow the full council season goes virtual or physical.

He said: “If wishes were horses” his council will plead with the minister through a formal letter to allow them to attend the full council meeting physically and all Covid-19 protocols will be observed.”

He added that Kgatleng has about 27 councillors and the required number for public gathering is 50 people.

Molokwe stated that in the last season sometime in March this year, councillors were ordered by the minister to conduct meeting virtually and that was unfortunate.

However, councilor Goleba Kgakole of Dikonye, Kgomodiatshaba ward said she plans to put a motion that allows councillors to physically attend the upcoming full council season.

She said that most of the councillors who are eligible have received the Covid-19 jab and that should not make any one to panic.

“Poor electrical infrastructure and networking is truly failing us to participate fully in council debates,” she says.

She claimed that she is unable to debate and represent her ward efficiently because of this pressing challenging of power cuts. 

Another councillor for Basimane Hule of Modipane, Dikwedidi, Mokatse ward shared the same sentiments with Kgakole.


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